Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!When that moment arrives where you realize your knee pain is limiting your mobility and strength, it can be really frustrating for both general movement and also fitness.
Knee pain is quite common these days, regardless of a person’s age.  There are many contributing factors from diet, to lifestyle and trauma. For a few people knee pain may be so severe that they cannot perform their daily activities. Knees are the most vulnerable joint and does show signs of wear and tear. Knee pain is caused due to Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, muscle strains, tendinitis, serious injuries to cartilage and ligaments. If knee pain is ignored, there can be other problems which you need to face in future. You have a great opportunity to relieve yourself from knee pain through reflexology.Thankfully, acupressure and reflexology can bring some relief and even healing to this uncomfortable condition.  It’s great if you choose to go see a practitioner, as you will get a more thorough and relaxing treatment. However, many of these points are also easily done by yourself and can offer relief and healing from the comfort of your own home. 
Here are some points you can try to get knee relief and healing! 

Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!Knee Reflex Point:

Applying pressure to this point will help in strengthening your knee joint and heal any injuries in this area. You can find the point one inch below the ankle bone, it is located in a small and soft triangular section. Place your thumb on this point and move it up and down with some pressure. Make sure that you massage the points that feel sore and hard for 5 minutes. You will feel relaxed and pain free after regular use. 
Nourishing Valley: 

Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!

This particular point will help alleviate knee pain, abdominal pain and even genital disorders. So, naturally, it’s a great point to be familiar with! Place two fingers on the edge of you knee crease in the hollow between both the tendons. Now move your fingers up and down by applying a little bit of pressure for 5 to 7 minutes. You will notice that by doing this three times a day, you will be free from the tension around the knees.

Shady Side of the Mountain:

This magical reflex point is used to cure and treat a myriad of health conditions. By accessing this point one can find relief from water retention in the body, swelling, knee problems, leg tensions, cramps, varicose veins and edema. This point is found on the inside of the leg, just below the bulge on the head of the shin bone. Place your index and middle finger on this point and press it for 10 minutes. You can release it after every two minutes and hold it again for extra pressure.

Knees need to be treated with extra care. An additional thing you can do to enhance bring more relief to your discomfort, is to get our Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray and spray about 5-10 sprays into a large bowl filled with lukewarm water. Add half cup of Epsom salt and mix it well. Place two small hand towels in this mixture and soak them for 5 to 10 minutes. Now take the towels and remove excess fluid from it. Wrap each towel around your knees. Repeat the process until you find relief in your knees. This is a tried and true method of relief for many.  Simply try it out and see if it helps. All the above reflex points will ease your pain. Be patient and do them regularly for the best results. From all of us at Eurospa, take care of yourself and stay healthy.