We all know that feeling of despair when we see our face in the mirror and

we wonder if we aged overnight. What if I told you your face could look more fresh, younger and brighter in less than two weeks?  It’s not rocket science; it’s health and it’s simple. You can have brighter eyes and glowing skin again… read on!

Have Brighter Eyes And Glowing Skin In Just 10 Days With these Easy Tricks!Gratitude
Let’s start with gratitude.  Similar to the above point about looking at yourself in the mirror with love and appreciation, gratitude is a very complimenting look to a person’s face.  When a person is in gratitude for their life, growth and blessings, despite hardship, there is an unmatchable glow that overtakes their face. Gratitude gets you into a space of loving yourself, your family, life and even potential possibilities, not to mention allows you to be aware of further opportunities before you.  What does that lead to? Joy. Gratitude is the mother of joy.  Nurture gratitude and the joy on your face will be beaming. 

Lemon Water
On a more practical note, try starting your day with a hot cup of lemon water.  Simply make hot water as you would for tea, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and sweeten with honey or stevia to taste if needed.  This cleanses your digestive system, detoxifies the skin and blood, jump starts your energy and metabolism and neutralizes your body ph to a more alkaline level.  Disease and instability of health thrive in an acidic body. The opposite of that is an alkaline body.  Be healthy. Start your day alkaline. (side note: remember how lemon water cleanses the digestive system? the kidneys are part of that.  You know those bags and dark circles under your eyes?  Those are from overwhelmed kidneys.)

Face Massage

About those overwhelmed kidneys and their corresponding eye bags.  When the kidneys and even liver are over taxed, the lymph in the eyes begin to back up. Basically, the bags are just toxic congestion that needs to move through and out of your system. So if you’re ready to get rid of them, definitely drink the lemon water and THEN do this exercise. 

    Have Brighter Eyes And Glowing Skin In Just 10 Days With these Easy Tricks!

  • close your eye.  place four finders (except the thumb) under the eye and gently apply pressure with the finger tips along the under eye/eye bag area. 
  • take your middle fingers and gently sweep the same area from the inside to the outer corner underneath the eye – be careful not to stretch the skin. 
  • repeat this action 5-10 times when applying moisturizer morning and night. this will aid in keeping the area flushed. 

Eucalyptus Steam 

Eucalyptus Shower Spray is a great addition to any anti-aging routine.  Simply turn up the steam in the shower and spray the eucalyptus onto the walls and into the steam. This will allow the pores in the face to open and activate the anti-microbial cleansing properties of this healing plant. As well, inhaling the the steam will invite the herbal strength to cleanse your bronchial passages, allowing for a full body cleanse that will reflect in your skin.  

Green Juice

Have Brighter Eyes And Glowing Skin In Just 10 Days With these Easy Tricks!There’s a lot of hype about green juice these days and it’s for good reason!  Greens, similar to lemon water, alkalize the water, making the body a fertile ground for beauty to grow.  Greens tone the skin and blood, adding multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrients like silica, collagen, elastin and vitamin k to your insides and outsides.  This results in eyes that are brighter, skin that is tighter and cheeks that have that natural rosy hue. Who doesn’t want that? (don’t be too afraid – there are PLENTY of delicious recipes online for incredibly tasting juice!)

Now that you know how to turn back time in the healthiest ways possible, it’s time to get on your way putting them in to practice.  At Eurospa, your health is our focus. If there’s something we can do for you, please let us know!