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Do Not Use Concentrated Eucalyptus Oil to Repel Cats.  It Can Be Toxic – Even Fatal

Eucalyptus Oil may be best known as a muscle relaxant, soothing aromatic, excellent cold remedy, and delightful enhancement to steam rooms, but fewer people are aware of the use of Eucalyptus Oil as a cat repellant and mosquito repellant.

One of God’s great mysteries is how animals know to avoid eating, smelling, or even coming into contact with plants or other animals that can result in harm to them.  One of those cases is very useful when properly used.  Cats who may be coming onto your property and doing damage to plants or bothering your pets hate the smell of eucalyptus.

And well they should hate that smell.  Eucalyptus ingested by our feline friends can do liver damage and even prove fatal.  So according to the website

“…use only 10 ml of eucalyptus oil combined with 200 ml water in a spray bottle, and shake it vigorously. Afterwards, spray this mixture all over areas in your backyard that is frequented by stray cats.”

This may be one of the most effective and easiest methods.  Other suggestions such as cutting up lemons and leaving them in the garden, may result in other unwanted pest who are attracted to the rotting fruit.

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