If You Hate Having Hay Fever, Your Going to LOVE These Natural Home Remedies.  Get Fast Relief Now.Ah, hay fever.        
The dependable relative to spring that likes to show up at random hours, interfering with your daily routine and work schedule.  
I can’t stand these phases in nature that are so invasive of my space and comfort! 
It’s so incredibly frustrating to have that continuous, unrelenting urge to sniffle, sneeze and scratch your eyes out, than sinuses plugged up with pollen. It’s all really quite strange and unnecessary really.  This is the time we are meant to celebrate the return of the sun, not dread it’s aftermath. It begins, our immune systems go haywire, and see harmless plants (or dust, or dander) as real threats, and works overtime to push them out of our system, causing inflammation and irritation along the way! And using all those conventional allergy meds will often leave you feeling even worse. 

Are you feeling it?  If you’ve suffered from sinus irritation and crazy pollen induced hay fever, you know I’m not exaggerating and totally feel the pain.  But instead of despairing, running out to buy a gas mask or hiding in your window-sealed house for the season, let me give you some tips. 

If You Hate Having Hay Fever, Your Going to LOVE These Natural Home Remedies.  Get Fast Relief Now.
You actually can find relief and do so naturally with essential oils.

(aren’t you excited??) 

Starting with our favorite, of course: 
Eucalyptus Oil! (You knew I was going to say that, right?) Eucalyptus is the super hero of essential oils.  When inhaled, it’s oil can open the respiratory system, reduce inflammation and allow for better breathing! It confidently storms through your bronchial passages to clear to the path for more air! Add to that, it’s anti-microbial properties and you’ll not only clear your airways, but clean house of all it’s enemies!  I recommend using this Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist in your morning/mid-day/evening shower routine, or in a sauna/steam room if you have access to one!
Clove Oil is another anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, and can help to reduce allergy symptoms. It’s not as strong as the menthol based oils, but is best used in the heat of a sauna.  Get to one!
Peppermint Oil will help to open those stuffed nasal passages and can reduce headaches caused by sinus pressure as well! Special bonus tip?  Mix with a little coconut oils and rub on the top of your forehead, at your temples and behind your ears. You’ll be surprised at how this gives you relief. 
Lavender Oil, a natural antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and very calming. It can help reduce irritation and relax your breathing.
Lemon improves immunity, relieves respiratory issues, is antibacterial and relieves respiratory inflammation.
The truth is, all of the above oils would do well to be inhaled in the heat of a shower, sauna or steam room and will work miracles when rubbed on to the head, neck  and chest with a carrier oil.   They will all penetrate your skin and airways to both cleanse them of the pollen and to give you the sinus relief you so desperately need! 
You don’t have to be miserable any more.  There is help! 
At Eurospa Aromatics, we are committed to your health.  Stop by and see what else we can do to increase the quality of your life and overall health.  
You deserve it.