There’s a lot of talk about different home remedies and the moms out there can become overwhelmed with their options. That’s why YOU are amazing and finding out all the information FOR her, today.

You’re so kind.

Essential oils make the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year, as they will not only help her feel like a queen, but also increase her immunity and ease common everyday discomforts!Here’s the thing.  Did you know that the pharmaceutical companies create their top medicines from the active healing properties of plants?  (then they take them to a lab and add a bunch of chemicals and additives that are totally unnecessary and further damaging to your health…but that’s another story) For now, I want to focus on the alternative options you can gift mom with this year.  Because she deserves it and you love her. Right?

Peppermint:  First of all, peppermint is absolutely incredible. The essential oil of this miraculous herb is so multi-functional.  It calms the digestive system, fires up metabolism, eases tension and boosts your energy! People have compared used this oil in place of over the counter stomach relievers/antidiarrheals, energy drinks and even pain relievers!  Simply place a few drops on your forehead, temples, around your belly, on your shoulders and even on the bottom of your feet!  You’ll be surprised at the results.

Lavender: Lavender is one of the best oils you can keep on hand. In addition to its incredible scent, it addresses a spectrum of benefits from easing pain, calming the nerves and anti-viral to fight germs, bacteria and viruses.  People have replaced anti-biotic ointments, pain relief meds, sleep aids and muscle rubs with the oil of this incredible plant.

Lemongrass: This is a great one for it’s scent and uplifting nature!  It can be combined with all the other oils I’m suggesting to you. Not only with it’s smell but also for it’s healing benefits! Lemongrass has long been used in Asian and Caribbean cooking due to its subtle lemony flavor and aroma. It shouldn’t surprise you then, at this point, this plant oil is anti-viral, uplifts moods, calms the nerves, great for jet-lag and even as a bug repellent! For topical use, make sure you mix 1 -2 drops into about 1TBSP of coconut oil, as the oil can be too strong on the skin.  Just mix and rub on needed areas or diffuse in a room to breathe in it’s benefits.

Eucalyptus: Our absolute favorite, of course, is Eucalyptus, for it’s incredible power to fight and kill viruses, germs and general illness when inhaled in natural air or steam.  It’s essential properties go into the body and open up bronchial and nasal passages, all while beating the illness living in them.  Relaxing, energizing and healing – this oil in spray form can be used as a room spray, home cleaner and sauna/steam room enhancer.  It’s a necessity in any conscious mother’s medicine bag.

I hope that helped give you a few more ideas to prepare for Mother’s Day. It’s coming soon, so make sure you are prepared to give her a gift she absolutely deserves.  From all of us at Eurospa, Happy Mother’s Day.