Is Mildew Smelling Up Your Steam Room and Driving Away Your Guests? Solve the Nasty Smell for $3 a Day

Customer Service is the number one factor behind the profitability of your spa, gym, or fitness center.  Everything about your environment from the receptionist on the phone or at the front counter to the caring and professionalism of your staff will determine if folks come back, review you well online, and tell or invite their friends to come try out your facility. 

But there is a potential bug in your program.  Actually quite a few potential bugs.  Microbials who can create foot fungus, ugly stains, and the big enthusiasm killer…Nasty odors.  Would Disney have nasty odors driving away guests?  Does your steam room have an odor problem?  Are any of your guests being infected with athletes feet?

The $3 Per Day Solution to the Spa Smell Problem

The solution is so simple that hundreds of Steam Rooms across the US have been using it for years.  100% pure eucalyptus oil being directly injected into the steam lines to provide a fantastic aroma in the steam room while at the same time providing these benefits:

  • Kill microbials associated with mold, mildew, and infections
  • Provides health benefit to skin and respiratory systems
  • Aroma therapy sense of peace and wellness
  • Reduces costs associated with steam room maintenance 

Eric Snyder, president of Eurospa Aromatics explains that their eucalyptus oil blends are 100% Pure, Natural, Pharmaceutical Grade Eucalyptus Oil.   The Mystifier Automatic Injection System can be installed in 45 minutes by your staff, and costs less than $750.  The cost of the eucalyptus oil is between $2 and $3 for the average steam room. 

See a related post on the benefits of Eucalyptus Oil to your Feet. 

Call us today to learn more about how easy and inexpensive it is to provide an amazing health benefit to your guests, while ensuring that none will be offended by nasty smells!  tel: 1-800-395-6478