Summer is upon us and the heat is on!  How are you keeping cool?  If you are like many others at this time in the year, you are looking for some fast and easy ways to keep cool during those high temperatures.  

It's Getting HOT.  Here are Some Fast and Easy Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer!

Well, never fear, your body health and comfort are our priority at Eurospa, and we would like to take a moment to share with your our fast and easy tips for keeping cool this summer! 

  • Get a fan for your room. A fan on a low setting that can keep a light breeze blowing across your room can work wonders. If you don’t like air blowing directly on you while you sleep, you can still make your room cooler by using a fan in your window to circulate fresh air.
  • Put a small pillow in the freezer an hour or two before you go to bed. Put a few plastic shopping bags over it to keep ice from forming on the fabric.
  • Hang up your bedding in the coolest part of the house during the day. As soon as you get up, take your bedding to the coolest room in the house (in the basement, or where there’s the most shade) and hang up the blankets and sheets so that each side is exposed to the air. Take them down and put them back on your bed just before you go to sleep.
  • Drink a lot of water! The relief is almost immediate, and will last for up to one hour or more. Your body will also feel cooler when you are hydrated. If you can, try drinking eight ounces of water at least every hour. If the taste is a problem, try adding mint leaves, or orange, lemon or cucumber slices to your water to make it more refreshing.
  • Get a cheap spray bottle – fill it with water, adjust it to fine mist and spray it on your exposed skin for an instant chill-zing cooling effect.
  • Wear summer clothing. Wear loosely-woven natural fabrics (cotton, silk, linen) rather than polyester, rayon, or other artificial fibers (with the possible exception of performance fabrics).
  • Wear light colors. Darker colors will absorb the sun’s heat and stay warmer longer than light or white clothing, which reflects light and heat. Wear natural summer clothing.
  • Use more eucalyptus and mint. These plants refresh the skin and leave a nice cooling sensation. Try a few minty or menthol products or our own eucalyptus oil shower mist to cool your skin.
  • Use cucumbers. You’d be surprised at how well this one works! Just slice a thin piece of cold cucumber (from the fridge or a cooler) and stick it in the middle of your forehead! This feels fantastic on a hot day or when stuck in a hot car and works almost immediately! An ice cube or a cold soda can work similarly, though the astringency of the cucumber is more refreshing for your eyelids.
Don’t wither in the summer heat!  Try these great tips to cool off and enjoy the beauty of the season! For other health and wellness ideas and products, come visit us a Eurospa and let us know what we can do for you!

Happy summer!