Need a pick me up? Not interested in #energydrinks or prescription drugs?  

Now all you need to do is rub your hands together. The key is what you put on your palms before you do the rubbing. Spray a couple of shots of 100% pure Eurospa Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray on your hands, rub them together for a few seconds very rapidly to create heat, energizing the oil. Now just bring the hands to your nose, and breath in.

The first time you do it, don’t breath in too deeply. While the first breath can’t hurt you, it sure might be a bit overwhelming. The exploding molecules of the essential oil will continue to provide natural stimulation while opening your sinuses, flood through your respiratory system, and opening your pores for a minute or so. Indulge as long as you like. Because this is an oil, not a scent, there is no residue, and in a few moments the delicious aroma will dissipate.  Feel free to take another hit as often as you like.

You may need to hide the bottle since everyone around you is likely to want their own pick me up.

Eurospa offers Eucalyptus Oil in several convenient products.

For your shower, we suggest the 8 oz spray bottle or … 

for your purse or travel there is the 2 oz spray bottle

both  available on Amazon at