Graduation can be a bittersweet time of the year for many.  On one hand you may feel like you are ‘loosing’ a person very precious to you to the hands of adulthood.  On the other hand, you are excited for their rite of passage and want to both celebrate them and honor them accordingly!

But what do you you get for your soon-to-be-grad??  Well, I thought we could combine some natural earth and body friendly ideas, combined with the little things they’ll need as they transition to living more on their own.

the gift of a full life is the best thing you can give.  It's no different for a college graduate.  Give them a gift that brings them joy, peace, strength, health and relaxation, from Eurospa.


1. Money Cards.  Yeah, I know this FEELS impersonal, but believe me.  This generation is beyond that and totally excited to have a monetary plastic gift, usable in person or online for exactly what they need.

2. Movie Tickets.  Even those incredibly talented, artistic and conscious teens need some down time with their friends… and if you don’t get them money, they may be too broke to enjoy some needed entertainment. Come on, help them out.

3. Assorted Teas.  You’ll want to include some for health and detox, relaxation, and awakening.  They will soon be studying long hours and will need green tea, black tea or yerba mate to stay alert, chamomile or kava to relax their nerves and white or oolong to boost their immune system.  One additional cute thing to do, would be to divide the teas into sections and insert a little note card in each section with an encouraging explanation about the tea’s use in soothing their brilliant minds!

4. Yoga Class Card.  Again, male or female, you can expect them to be spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen or with their noses in a book.  Think of how soothing it would be to them to have a dependable yoga class to attend once or twice a week and unwind their tired and stiff learning muscles?  Good for the body, good for the health.. A great gift idea.

5. Multi-Purpose Spray.   What’s better than an all-in-one spray that really works to better your health, relax you, invigorate you and clear the home of germs and viruses??  This Eucalyptus Oil Spray can be sprayed into the steam of the shower to  awaken the senses and open the bronchial passages while also usable to spray into a room and on to surfaces to kill the plentiful harmful germs.  That’s a good choice especially for a teen new to having to keep so much clean, all on their own!

Again, this is a bittersweet time in your life and the gift shouldn’t complicate it further.  We are happy to enhance the life and health of people in all generations. Stop by Eurospa to see what else we can do for you today!