Not Sure What to Do? Here are 6 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad's in Your Life This Father's Day!How often do you say ‘thank you’ to the dads in your life? Fathers are too often overlooked and not thanked for their hard work. Just as mothers, they too have a tough job to do and

deserve recognition.

It’s safe to say that we all have an incredible dad in our life. Whether our own father, a step parent, one we’ve claimed later in life, an uncle, a grandfather or even the sons or son-in-laws that we are thankful for; for stepping up and leading the next generation. 

We want you to show you care, this year. And showing you care doesn’t have to cost a lot.  

1. Watch home videos.

Choose a time during the day, perhaps after a nice dinner, when you and your mom can sit down with dad and watch the videos. Relive the beautiful memories and talk about all that happened during those times. You may cry or laugh and different memories, but at least the emotions are shared together.

2. Make a healthy gift box. 
Dads like to be pampered too. Encourage their health with a basket of goodies they will enjoy and think of you whenever they get something new out of it.  Consider a neck tension pillow for use after a long day at work, some eucalyptus oil shower mist to get refreshed and boost the immune system, a couple bars of quality dark chocolate, a CD of relaxing classical music, and even a gift certificate for massage.  This will be well received for sure. 

3. Make his favorite meal. 
Send your father on an errand to get him out of the house long enough for you or you and your mom to cook up his favorite meal. If his favorite meal happens to be a breakfast dish, wake up early and whip up the dish alongside Mom. Let the aroma of a delicious breakfast do the honors of waking him up. Either way, he is sure to be so tickled to have such an honor.

4. Buy him a gift card.
When you buy dad a gift card or gift certificate, make sure it is in something he would benefit from – car wash, sporting store or clothing store he actually shops at.  Don’t overwhelm him with a card to a store he doesn’t go to – unless you KNOW he will love it and you plan on joining him for the excursion.  

5. Attend an event or activity together. 
If your dad’s baseball team is playing on or around Father’s Day, surprise him with tickets.  Maybe your dad to be celebrated is one that prefers fishing, hiking or a day at the beach.  Whatever the case, make sure to plan a dinner before or after. You’ll need to appease a built up appetite either way. Remember to take plenty pictures, too!

Not Sure What to Do? Here are 6 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad's in Your Life This Father's Day!6. Go to his favorite museum.

Get involved in what he enjoys there. If it’s a history museum, ask about his favorite events.  If it’s an art museum, as who his favorite artist or period is.  For Science, get involved with him; play the games, watch the films and experience it together. 

Dads are beyond deserving of some special attention for the love and care they have poured into their families.  Whether they’re new at this or have been on the journey for over 50 years, be sure to take the time to celebrate them well!!

From all of us at Eurospa, here’s to your health and a Happy Father’s Day!