We Reviewed the Reviews and the Folks Love the Bellevue Club

The Bellevue Hotel and Club complex sits on nine acres in Bellevue, WA just minutes outside of Seattle.  The Club portion comprises an astounding 200,000 square feet that includes every amenity imaginable.  The pool, pictured above, provides a visual of what to expect throughout the facility.

The review were not as obvious as some of the spas we have reviewed, in that most reviews for the club were mixed with reviews for the hotel, the catering department, and the restaurants.  The overall ratings for the entire business, were universally above 8 out of ten, but when you narrowed the reviews to the club, there seemed to be only one complaint; the locker rooms.  Well, the locker rooms are spanking brand new and state-of-the art now.   And the steam rooms have the luxury touch of automatically injected eucalyptus oil pumped into the steam.

Even with the negative reviews on the locker rooms, most reviewers of the Club and Spa gave 9 out of 10 or higher.  The common phrase was that this was the most luxurious spa in town.

The club provides personal trainers, classes, spa treatments of every kind, in addition to facilities for working out on your own.  Here is the list provided by the company:

Conditioning Studio

The Bellevue Club recently unveiled its new Conditioning Studio with a brand-new TRX training system. Members now benefit from expert trainers and the newest fitness technology in a boutique gym setting. Near the Pilates and Yoga studios, the Conditioning Studio provides personal trainer services at lower group training costs.

What exactly is TRX? Based on a U.S. Navy Seals workout, TRX is a suspension training method that lets users perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. The Bellevue Club fitness team has taken it a step further by offering more than 40 different specialty training classes.


Located in the Conditioning Studio, the Bellevue Club is serious about Kinesis, an amazing exercise program that seamlessly blends strength, cardiovascular endurance and range of motion. Using cable pulleys for resistance training, Kinesis provides great cross training opportunities for all sports.

Basketball Gym

Full of natural light, the Club’s gymnasium has one full basketball court, three cross courts, a mini children’s court and an elevated track. Shoot hoops with your child, tumble and bounce with your toddler during a pre-PE class or join one of Bellevue’s most popular basketball leagues.

Fitness Classes

With more than 70 fitness classes per week, the Bellevue Club has something for everyone. From popular indoor cycling classes to dynamic strength training, the Club’s certified fitness instructors are the most sought-after in the Northwest. To simplify your life, the Bellevue Club’s GPX program allows members to pay one low monthly fee and take as many classes as they can handle.

  • Step aerobics
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Water aerobics
  • Strength training

Click here for the group exercise (GPX) schedule.
Click here for the group personal training schedule.

Locker Rooms

Function and luxury blend in the Bellevue Club locker rooms. With complimentary towel service, shampoo and conditioner, hair dryers, lounge areas with televisions and steam rooms, each locker room is beautifully designed with member comfort as the utmost priority.
Our Mens’ and Women’s locker rooms provide many special touches, including towel service; shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and other toiletries; hair dryers; lounge areas with televisions and steam rooms. Laundry service and large locker rentals are also available.

  • Mens’ and Women’s locker rooms are for members ages 16 and older and infants who have not yet begun to walk.
  • Family/Children’s locker rooms are available for junior members under the age of 16. If appropriate, kids under 6 may use children’s locker room of opposite gender with parent or guardian.