McDonald’s Is Better in Maui – So Who Would Be Surprised that the Four Seasons Get’s the Spa Experience Right with Eucalyptus in their Steam Room

Do folks just give better reviews when they are on Maui?  I only ask because in going over the reviews for the 4 Seasons Spa in Wailea, the reviewers didn’t have a lot of gushy things to say.  Apparently the facilities are not lavish, and the variety of spa options are limited.  One thing for certain, the folks love this spa.  No online rating service had less than 4.5 out of 5 stars.  You may want to book an appointment for the services you need, especially in season.

Of course, in addition to having the Maui spirit, spa goers might also just be swept away by the entire 4 seasons experience.  There are few luxury resorts anywhere that provide a more magnificent overall getaway.
Jesse G
Vancouver, Canada
Senior Contributor
5 of 5 starsReviewed December 30, 2012 

My experience at the Four Seasons Spa was phenomenal.
I chose this spa because the front line person (Kristen) who booked the treatments for me was so accommodating.
From the moment i entered and was taken to the locker room and eucalyptus steam room to the lounge area to wait for my attendant – Nadine – , the feeling was one of serenity.

Whyalla, Australia
Senior Contributor


Reviewed February 8, 2013 via mobile

The best thing is the locker rooms and the steam room.
When you see visitors to amazing spas specifically pointing to the steam room as part of why they loved their time there, you can almost always count on the fact that there was eucalyptus oil injected into the steam.

A very large part of the population loves a good steam.  But it is a rare individual who doesn’t love eucalyptus.  Rarer still is the one who is an aficionado of steam that doesn’t feel eucalyptus is a natural part of the entire reason for doing steam.  It is all about the combination.