Eucalyptus in Steam Rooms Have Been Curing Folks for Centuries

If folk remedies didn’t work on some level, folks would stop using them and calling them remedies.  In the case of essential oils like eucalyptus oil, the curative power has been known and in use for centuries.  And no place was the eucalyptus plant more ubiquitous than in the steam rooms of Northern Europe

Now a half century of scientific evidence is backing up what the “folks” have known intuitively and by their own observation:  Eucalyptus oil is an extremely powerful essential oil that can provide wellness on many levels. 

Eucalyptus Oil Controls Mold and Mildew in Steam Rooms

Mildew and mold and their associated smell are frowned upon as part of the spa experience. Steam born eucalyptus oil wipes out bacteria and microbes before they can get a foothold in your steam room.

It is widely reported that essential plant oils including and/or especially eucalyptus oils have outstanding anti bacterial, anti microbial, and anti fungal properties. According to a report from the Cornell University Department of Animal science: The essential oil from the fruit, buds, and branches contain from 15-57% 1,8-cineole. Activities attributed (ed) to this compound include: anesthetic, antibronchitic, anticatarrh, antilaryngitic, antipharyngitic, antiseptic, antitussive, cns-stimulant, choleretic, counterirritant, dentifrice, expectorant, fungicide, hepatotonic, herbicide, hypotensive, pesticide, and sedative. for the details

One such study concluded:

Conclusions: The eucalyptus extracts and three compounds from E. maculata were found to be effective against micro-organisms that cause food poisoning, acne and athlete’s foot. Significance and Impact of the Study: This study shows potential uses of extracts from E. globulus, E. maculata and E. viminalis, and antimicrobial compounds isolated from E. maculata. for the details

You want your steam rooms to be clean, free from microbes, infectious matter, or bacteria that might result in guest contracting athletes foot or other infections. Moreover, in any moist environment, the potential for unpleasant odors is a constant threat. While the delightful and uplifting scent of eucalyptus can mask odors quite well, the real benefit is that this essential oil actually kills such steam room enemies on contact.

If you would like to learn how easy and inexpensive it is to add eucalyptus to your stream rooms, go here.

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