Eucalyptus Oil Analgesic Effect Not Just a Folk Medicine Approach.  Laboratory Proven to Relieve Pain

Eucalyptus Oil has been demonstrated to have analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties according to an article in the September 1, 2008 issue of “Life Extension” magazine. The conclusion drawn by the scientists conducting the study was that “folk medicine” using Eucalyptus Oil really did help heal wounds and ease aches and pains.

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As cited in the 

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 89 (2003) 277–283
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of essential oils of Eucalyptus

“Two different analgesic testing methods were employed in the current investigation with the objective of identifying possible peripheral and central effects of the test sub- stances. Using both acetic acid-induced writhes and hot plate thermal stimulation, it was observed that the essential oils of EC, ET, and EG possessed analgesic effects against both models. This observation indicates that these eucalyptus oils have both peripheral (writhe reduction) and central (thermal reaction time prolongation) effects. Among the oils tested, extracts from EC demonstrated the highest peripheral anti-nociceptive activity, while extracts from ET were the most potent central anti-nociceptive substance. On the other hand, while both of these oil extracts induced moderate effects in reverse manners to the above, the essential oils of EG appeared to be the least effective in both animal models of nociception. Taken together, the data presented demonstrate that the essential oils of eucalyptus induce variable degrees of peripheral and central analgesic effects depending upon the Eucalyptus species where they are obtained from. These observations can provide useful information if a choice is desired to be made regarding the species of eucalyptus as a source of analgesic drugs.”

You can read the entire study:…/Eucalyptus%20Silva%20article.pdf

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