The winter holidays are known for bouts of binging on the treats we look forward to all year. And it’s no wonder either. But then there’s the guilt that follows – and you end up regretting everything you enjoyed so much.

So what do you do? Skip out on the fun and festivities? No way!  However, if you really want to enjoy them – make sure you’re balancing out all that sugar with some healthier practices.

Drink a LOT of water. Water is cleansing and balancing. It helps to detox the extra sugar you’re consuming as well as dilute it so you don’t get that dreaded sugar hangover.

Eat twice as many greens. Similar to water, greens detoxify and balance out your body. They are packed with minerals which are the opposite of sugar. So eat plenty of them and even better – grab a high quality green powder supplement.

Drink less alcohol. Not saying you shouldn’t have a drink or two, but keep it at that. More than two drinks overwhelms your liver, dehydrates you and reduces your sleep quality.

Sleep. Don’t skimp on the rest. It’s when you sleep that your body has the chance to detoxify what it’s been given. So either go to bed at a decent time, or make sure you’re able to sleep in the next morning.

Detox Deeply. What goes in must come out. The best way to do this is through hydration and sweat. Water carries a ton of our toxins out of the body so make good use of it. Run a hot shower or sit in a sauna/steam room and breathe in the heat. For an even deeper detox, add a few sprays of our Eucalyptus Shower Mist into the steam and let it clean you out and relax you at the same time!

We want you to be healthy and also enjoy your life. There will always be many occasions in life that call for sweets and sugary delights. It’s just about finding balance. And then the benefits will come through for you!