skin blemishes can surprise you and feel ugly, but these natural remedies from eurospa will keep you healthy and beautiful

Nobody likes it when they take a look in the mirror and notice the surprise of a breakout.  It’s always untimely and pretty embarrassing!  Now, while I can’t promise you they’ll go away immediately, I can share with you some ways to speed along the process and hopefully prevent them from happening in the future!

First of all, our skin is our largest organ. It breathes.  It takes in and it releases.  It’s a filtration system for both the external and internal.  When we break out, our bodies are telling us that something on the outside or inside in NOT happy and it’s time we do something about it.

So you’re thinking, topical medication right? No.  Because that doesn’t fix the problem and ultimately you’re just going to teach your body to be quiet when there’s a problem in the future and we just don’t want that.

Preventative?  Be clean inside and out.  Ladies, if you go to bed with your makeup on you’re just asking for trouble. Our bodies go through so much when we sleep.  Our hormones shift, we sweat, our pores open and all the makeup and skin oils mix together in the folds and pores of our skin, basically suffocating it and causing it to get stuck (for now) and expelled later.  It’s the expelling part that we irritated about! Back to being clean?  Be clean on the inside – and the best way to do this daily is getting a good water intake- at least 60 ounces a day. Water flushes out the garbage we store inside with refined foods, sugar, alcohol, excess salt and preservatives.  So hey – make it easier and DON’T consume so much garbage.  You’re skin will thank you.

Solution to the NOW problem?

1.  Go SANS makeup.  I know, hard.  If you’re feeling to attached, then go with some eyeliner and mascara with some gloss.  But leave your skin ALONE.
2.  Sweat it out.  Get to a sauna or make a steam shower/bath and sweat that nasty stuff out.  Enhance the sweat by spraying Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist into the steam.  It’s anti-microbial and will cleanse your body (inside and out) even deeper!
3.  Gently Exfoliate.  I love to use baking soda because it’s natural and cheap.  Just shake a few sprinkles of it into your hands and massage in small, gentle circles around your face, being careful to avoid the area and be extra nice to those open blemishes.
4.  Tone it up.  Top choice for me is witch hazel.  It’s anti-inflammatory and regulates your skin’s ph.  Add anti-microbial tea tree oil to the mix as well to further your cleanse.
5.  Moisturize.  My top two choices are (in order) Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil. Jojoba is the oil that’s closest to our skin’s ph and is readily absorbed.  Coconut is similar, but heavier.  So if your skin tends toward oily, go with jojoba.

So there you have it!  No miracle cures here, but stick to the ‘clean inside and out’ routine and I promise you will begin to see the difference! Eurospa is committed to your health and would love to hear from you.  Stop by and let us know how we can make your life a healthier one!