Over 400 Installed Mystifier Eucalyptus Oil Automatic Injection Systems Installed in Spa and Gym Steam Rooms – What Do They Know That You Might Benefit From 

Eric Snyder at Eurospa Aromatics explains that there are too many variables to determine how long a jug of their 100% pure eucalyptus oil will last in your steam room. He estimates a 5-gallon jug of oil to last up to 120 days at an average cost of around $2.00 per day.

If you have any doubts that your guests will benefit from having eucalyptus oil in your steam room, please take a few minutes to read some other posts here on the blog.

Here’s what is amazing.  Listen up.  The pump only cost $750.  One man can install it with simple tools in 45 minutes.  Then your ongoing cost is a couple of bucks per day.  The product helps with your maintenance costs, eliminates mold and mildew, has health benefits for your guests, and smells great to boot.  Call us right now to place your order.  1-800-395-6478

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