Pregnancy isn’t an easy adventure for anyone, but the hardest challenge comes with trying to stay comfortable. The body is expanding and growing a miracle, and it hurts. Of course, it’s still a beautiful process, but if she’s not comfortable, then any enjoyment is out the window.

A well-nurtured pregnancy is well worth the effort, and we know these tips will help you get there.

Tips for Staying Comfortable During Pregnancy

Help Her Sleep                                                            

She’ll need a lot of sleep, and if she doesn’t get it, you can bet on a difficult day. So respect her needs. She may need to sleep in or even go to bed early and rise early. Some days she may need darkness, others light. Some days white noise and other days, silence. Try to be flexible. Remember, it doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be respected.

Invest in a Body Pillow

Get her a body pillow. These are wonderful additions to the bed as they support the hips, the belly, neck, and back depending on how you use them. This will not only make for a better night sleep but also come in handy when the baby is born.

Keep Her Hydrated

It’s vital that she stay hydrated both for herself and the growing child. If she is dehydrated, there won’t be enough embryonic fluid, which can lead to complications. If she can’t handle the taste of water, play with it. Add ice, lemon wedges, or cucumber slices and a couple drops of stevia to sweeten it. Don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t like it. Remember, this is frustrating for her too.

Body Care

Keep body relaxation and pampering on the schedule regularly. Book her weekly or monthly massages if it’s in the budget. Rub her neck, feet, and hands a few times per week without complaining. Use the best Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist to make her a foot soak or a steam shower to not only relax those tired muscles but to help energize her without the use of caffeine.

Remember, her body is constantly changing, and she has more hormones circulating through her than she knows what to do with. If she’s edgy, see how you can help but be sure not to take anything personally. Her feeling sick and uncomfortable is not your fault. But if you’re short-tempered, defensive or aggressive, that will be your fault and not a smart move. Just be loving and patient. Be sure to invest time into yourself and remember that this too, shall pass.

Those are just a few ideas to start with, but we are confident that they will make a world of difference, so try them!

What other pregnancy tips do you have? Share them in the comments and spread the word on social media!