Steam Room Maintenance Is Critical to Your Guest’s Perception of Your Entire Spa or Gym

It goes without saying that attention to detail is a critical component of any business.  When a business caters to clients who are looking for an enjoyable diversion away from the craziness that is their normal life, nothing should get in the way of the relaxation they have looked forward to and been willing to pay for.  However, this is an actual conversation that took place in a gym steam room in Bakersfield, CA.

Oliver:  Been looking forward to this since I got here.  How about you?

Terry:  I totally love to just kick back in the steam room after a workout.

Oliver (As he opens the door to the steam room):  Oh man!  This place smells worse than my high school locker room.  Not exactly what I had in mind.

Terry:  Scheesh!  I’m not even sure I want to stay in here.

Oliver:  I travel.  So I go into a lot of steam rooms.  I generally won’t use the steam room if they don’t have some kind of eucalyptus oil to solve the odor problem. 

Terry:  Right here in Bakersfield there are gyms that have eucalyptus oil in their steam rooms.  I had no clue this place didn’t.  Seriously.  I’m outahere!

 Could this be your client?  Are you using any type of odor abatement for your steam room?  Did you know that eucalyptus oil does far more than smell nice?  For under $3 a day, you can have pure eucalyptus oil automatically injected into your steam line.  You will benefit.  And your customer will benefit.  Among other things:

In addition to all of the above, almost everyone loves the aroma of eucalyptus, and certainly prefer that scent to mold, mildew or body odor.

So, for $3 a day or less, certainly then benefits of easier maintenance and providing a healthy environment would be enough.  But, from a purely business perspective, the idea is make our clients happy, not drive them to the competition.

Call today.  The Mystifier Automatic Injection system can be installed in under 45 minutes, and requires no special tools.  For details, including prices, go here.

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