Doesn’t Hurt to Try Eucalyptus Oil on Your Cold Sores, and Apparently Many Find Eucalyptus to be Effective at Stopping Cold Sores from Forming.  

If you do a Google Search for Eucalyptus Oil Cold Sore, you will get pages and pages of results.  If you check those results, you will see that tea tree oil, peppermint, and other essential oil are often recommended as a way to keep cold sores from getting nasty. 

If you add this to the dozens of other known uses for eucalyptus oil, it just makes good sense to keep a bottle of pure eucalyptus oil on hand. 

Eurospa Aromatics is a leading producer of eucalyptus oil used in steam rooms across the USA.  They choose our oil because it is 100% pure oil and of pharmaceutical grade.  We now offer the same identical oil for home use.  We have a 16 oz bottle that is great for those who have a steam room at home.  You can pour a bit into the receptacle that most steam generators for home use provide specifically for eucalyptus or other essential oils. 

We offer an 8 oz spray bottle that can be used as a shower mist.  Turn your shower on full blast with hot water only, allow a little steam to develop, then spray the eucalyptus oil directly into the spray.  The room will be flooded with that much loved woodsy aroma, and the curative powers of eucalyptus will go right to work on your respiratory system to help whatever ails you or prevent microbes from even getting a start.  Of course either size bottle can be used for any of the other purposes that eucalyptus has been found to be effective, from muscle release to stress reduction.

Our spray mist bottle of Suprema Grade Pure Eucalyptus Oil Makes A Unique Gift.

Please call us directly at 1-800-395-6478     We are developing a shopping cart, but currently only take phone orders.  8 oz bottle is 29.95   

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