Surprisingly Easy, Fast and Natural Ways to Beat Head Lice!Lice Happens, but it’s not something anyone looks forward to. You need a dependable non-toxic way to Keep in mind that it’s impossible to completely eradicate head lice from existence because they learn to adapt to their environment. So accepting they exist and are likely to be found in your child’s hair at some point of their schooling is going to be less stressful for everyone. With a good management plan, you’ll be much better off when it happens. 
Here are some surprisingly easy, fast and natural ways to beat head lice: 
1. If your child has long hair, tie it up for school every day (plaits or braids are great) and if you like, spray their hair with hairspray. Many mothers swear by hairspray – after you’ve tied up your child’s hair, keeping it under control with hairspray seems to help.
2. For long or short hair, encourage wearing a hat to protect their hair from coming into contact with others.
3. You can buy (or make your own) head lice resister sprays which you can spray into their hair and inside their hats. Most of the sprays have essential oils; usually tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and lavender – which lice don’t like. Its an effective repellant. Even try our eucalyptus oil spray for your hats, hair and home!
4. Make absolutely sure that you follow any treatment program as per the instructions. No treatment exists that kills both the head lice AND the eggs in one go. Repeating a treatment is always needed because the live lice die, but the eggs in your child’s hair will hatch soon after, so you need to make sure you get them out before they are old enough to reproduce – around 7-10 days is a good time to repeat a treatment.
4. Use tea tree shampoo and/or conditioner for washing your children’s hair. Check out the different options available which vary in price, as well as the amounts of oils in each product. You may be able to find a better range at your pharmacy or variety store.
5. Make sure you check yourself and your family for head lice. Kids love to cuddle, so you may have transmitted head lice between you before you realized head lice was around. The last thing you want is to have your children head lice free, but then someone else passes it back to them. Many mothers have found that they can keep lice away effectively by coloring, straightening or using other products on their hair; the heat and products kill the lice and their eggs. 
6. Once you suspect lice, evenly distribute coconut or olive oil to your child’s hair and then pull it back in a pony tail.  The lice and eggs find it difficult to stick to the hair shaft and are unlikely to stick around.
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