Tired of the same old Father's Day gift ideas?  Here are some healthy suggestions for the dad that has it all!

Whether they are fathers, sons, brothers or friends, we love the dads in our lives and our biggest wish is for them to stay around, right? If you don’t have a dad to celebrate this year, consider thinking of an loving father-figure in your life, or someone else’s, who deserves to enjoy the honor of this special day!  He’s given himself to create life, and now it’s time to show your appreciation! But what can you do to better his life, especially when he seems to already have it all?

Let’s start with health. Life is only as beautiful as the quality it holds.  I’m not suggesting you buy him two first class tickets to Bali, but I will give you some creative ideas that will leave him feeling relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated!

Here are some perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad that has it all!

1.  YOU.  I know you’re busy, but you may just be the perfect gift of all! Take time out of your busy schedule and surprise him for lunch.  Just show up.  Put your phone away and be all ears. Giving our full, non-judgemental attention is one of the best ways to say ‘I LOVE YOU’. That makes a man happy and being happy keeps the whole self more healthy!

Tired of the same old Father's Day gift ideas?  Here are some healthy suggestions for the dad that has it all!2. Personal training sessions AND massage.  Why both?  Well, going to the gym, whether fit or not, can be a chore and many people don’t want to exhaust themselves doing so.  By coupling it with massage, you say, “Yes, I know it was hard, but you’re worth it… and here’s a relaxing reward for your hard work and dedication!”  It’s not bribery. It’s incentive!

3. Yoga class punch card.  Yoga isn’t just for the ladies!  In fact, the truth is, men could use a lot more flexibility in their lives and yoga is great for those overworked mind and bodies.  Of course, do your research, and make sure it’s a class he’ll be comfortable with.  Added bonus?  Throw in a manly mat for him to take with him.  Either it’s his thing, or not… you’ll know!

Tired of the same old Father's Day gift ideas?  Here are some healthy suggestions for the dad that has it all!

4. Round up your family and invest in a home sauna.  This, I have to say, is one of my favorite gift ideas for everyone, but especially dads. Used all over the world, saunas offer both body health through detoxification and circulation and mind health through relaxation and being able to unwind after a long day.  These are relatively inexpensive and have long lasting benefits. Physically, nothing is more invigorating than a deep, healthy sweat.  His tension will fade and muscles will unwind.  It just takes a few minutes a day for him to both feel and look better!

5. Essential oils for health.  Specifically, eucalyptus oil.  If you don’t already know the benefits of this miraculous oil, it’s fantastic for respiratory, muscle and circulatory health. You can get the eucalyptus oil shower mist and encourage him to spray it around the home, car or office for the disinfecting properties.  To enhance his health and cleanse his bronchial passages, he can spray it into the shower steam or sauna heat for even further use.  This spray is an all round health and crowd pleaser!

I hope that these ideas have gotten you excited about honoring the dad’s in your life.  We’d love to know how you’ve used them or if you have any other ideas you’d like to contribute.  At Eurospa, we are committed to everyone’s health and all points of life! Let us know how we can make your life a better one!