Tired Again? Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally!

Fatigue, exhaustion and generally just feeling tired is one of the most common complaints in western societies. So how are you supposed to handle something so debilitating and yet common, in a healthy way? 
This is a question circulating in many social circles, as people all over debate what form of stimulant is the best.  From coffee to chocolate to supplements and energy drinks… people are determined to get energized.

If I told you that this was all possible in the most natural and healthy ways, would you lean in?  
Well, here’s your chance.  If you have hit your limit  and are tired of being tired,  then I have some quick and easy ways for you to boost your energy naturally. 

Here you go. 

1. First of all, remove or decrease false stimulants in your diet and lifestyle that rob you of your energy reserves.  Take an audit of your chocolate, coffee, tea, processed sugars and refined carbohydrates in your diet. These are false stimulants and only stimulate you on a superficial and temporary level, leaving you with a crash later on.  So slowly decrease the false stimulants and replace them with fresh juice, water and tonic herbs. Your natural energy will become stronger as your body re-balances without these substances, and is able to know the proper energy release and relaxation needs your body is requiring. 

2. Stay hydrated with clean, purified water.  Not only do false stimulates confuse our adrenal glands, but they also dehydrate the body of it’s need water! Most people know by now that the body is made of 80% water.  If you aren’t getting enough water while also dehydrating it with your food and beverage choices, you should know that your brain cells are going to suffer.  In order to think clearly, your brain needs properly hydrated cells.  If you feel like a wilted flower, it’s likely you need to be watered. 

3. Keep your body moving daily for best results. Committing to regularly moving your body will increase your natural energy flow dramatically. You’ll notice after about a week that your normal symptoms of feeling sluggish, heavy and stagnant, will begin to shift in incredible ways. Your oxygen intake and absorption will increase, causing endorphins to begin to flow. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a one hour power sweating session! Of course, those are great, but simply going for a fast paced walk or doing a series of yoga poses for a good 25-30 minutes, will boost your vitality quite quickly.

4. Get fresh …. with your air, that is.  Find time each day to get out in the fresh air; even if it’s raining.  Take the time to breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Oxygen brought in through the nose goes more directly into the parts of the brain needed for active and focused thought.  This is an easy tip to implement, and should be done 10 breaths at a time.  

5. Stay in the moment.  Focusing on your past or worrying about the finances or future instead of simply living in the moment your are currently experiencing, causes your stress levels to skyrocket.  Stress instantly depletes your energy, because it releases the hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is big enemy of your adrenal glands.  Too much cortisol release, and your adrenals will totally burn out.  This is very serious and far harder to handle than simply being tired.  To avoid this be sure to continually try to remind yourself to come back to the present moment. The whirlwind of thoughts creating stress and fatigue will decrease, your focus will increase and you will find your energy quickly rebuilding!

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