When you think of essential oils, chances are that Peppermint will be one of the first that comes to your mind. It’s definitely one of the most popular oils out there – and for good reason. Peppermint has numerous health benefits, and as an added bonus, it smells great too!

If you’re looking for natural remedies to common ailments, Peppermint may be able to solve some of your problems. Here are a few of our favorite benefits from this amazing oil:

Increase Energy
Instead of opening up an energy drink or pouring yourself another cup of coffee, try taking a few whiffs from a bottle of Peppermint oil. When that mid-day slump starts to hit, inhaling directly from the bottle or applying topically to your temples and the back of your neck have been proven to wake you up and improve concentration.

Promote Hair Growth
Maybe one of the lesser-known benefits of Peppermint oil is that it can naturally thicken and heal damaged hair by stimulating the scalp. All you need to do is add 2-3 drops to your shampoo and conditioner and then use as normal. Bonus point if you do this in the morning to give you that added energy boost we just talked about!

Reduce Nausea
There isn’t much worse than having to go about your regular day while feeling nauseous. Instead of being down for the count, inhaling Peppermint oil could be the solution. Inhale directly from the bottle, apply to your pressure points, or diffuse it to get this benefit.

Reduce Congestion
Peppermint is an expectorant, so it opens the airways, reduces congestion, and clears mucus. Because it is also antimicrobial and antiviral, Peppermint also helps to fight the infection that gave you the congestion in the first place. Win-win! Next time you have a cold, try making your own vapor rub by mixing Peppermint into coconut oil and rubbing it into your chest and feet.

Alleviate Headaches
Since Peppermint can relax tense muscles and help with blood circulation, it especially helps with tension headaches. When you feel a headache coming on, rub some Peppermint on your temples and behind your ears to help alleviate the pain.

Another of our favorite ways to get the benefits of Peppermint is with our Mint-Infused 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist. Simply run a hot shower and spritz a few sprays of the ShowerMist into the steam and away from your face. Relax and reap all the naturally healing benefits of Peppermint while you relax!

These are just some of the ways that Peppermint can be used in everyday situations to solve everyday problems. What is your favorite thing about Peppermint?