Whether or not you like crafting, sometimes you just feel you need to try a DIY project of own. But looking at the breadth of aromatherapy projects you can make yourself can seem daunting as you get sucked into a Google or Pinterest Black hole. So here are some great DIY Aromatherapy ideas you can use today. For these ideas, we recommend using our Citrus Infused Eucalyptus ShowerMist.

Even though most of the time our ShowerMist is used in showers (of course), EuroSpa ShowerMist’s can actually be used as a room spray. Sometimes here at EuroSpa, someone will come into the office who is a heavy smoker or has sprayed just a little too much cologne on that day. After they leave, I will use the bottle of Citrus Infused ShowerMist that stays on my desk. Just a couple of spritzes in the air and in just a few minutes, the smell is gone and you are left with the refreshing scent of Citrus and Eucalyptus!

If you have a teenager or a man in your house, no matter how well they try, their shoes can sometimes be just smelly! To help get rid of that smell, spray the Citrus Infused ShowerMist on the inside of the shoes and let them sit overnight. The first thing you will notice is the smell will start dissipating. By the morning, the shoes smell better and the ShowerMist should help keep the smell in the shoes from coming back as strong as Eucalyptus is a natural odor eater. I personally use it all the time to keep my sandals smelling great since as a California girl, I pretty much live in them!

Do you love to use scrubs in the shower but can’t afford some of those amazing looking products that you see on BuzzFeed? Try pairing our Citrus Infused ShowerMist with our Mint Infused ShowerMist, mix in some Epsom salts and a carrier oil such as almond oil. The Mint Infused ShowerMist will add a cooling effect to the mixture to help relieve aches and pains while the Citrus Infused ShowerMist will invigorate you and open your sinuses!

Tired of how dry Purell and other alcohol based sanitizers can make your hands feel? Mix some aloe vera gel together with the Citrus Infused ShowerMist for your own version of a hand sanitizer. Not only will your hands no longer be dry because of the aloe vera, but the Citrus Infused ShowerMist will not dry out your hands either!

And finally, my personal favorite as we have used it many times in our household. Sometimes no matter how well you clean or what you pour down the drain, your garbage disposal smells. And that smell can spread throughout the house fast! Try spraying the Citrus Infused ShowerMist down the drain and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before you run water down the drain. Suddenly the smell will be gone and your whole house will smell like oranges. I personally have used this multiple times in different houses and works so quickly you will be surprised!

Is there something you have tried with our Eucalyptus products that you love? Comment here or on social media and you might see it included in our next newsletter!