Take Eucalyptus Steam Room Experience Home to the Shower

SPA Show in Las Vegas creates huge excitement for EuroSpa 100% pure eucalyptus oil!

Overwhelming response! No show like this ever before! So glad we came!!

We’ve advertised in industry trade publications. We’ve sent letters. We’ve made phone calls. We’ve even sent unsolicited samples. For some products, you just need to touch, feel, and in this case smell the product.

EuroSpa Aromatics has been in the business of turning regular old steam rooms into luxurious Eucalyptus Oil infused steam rooms for over 30 years. Many of the finest spas, hotels, athletic clubs and private residences have installed our Mystifier Automatic Eucalyptus Oil injection system (see it in the right column) into the closet with their steam generator to provide their clients with the perfect steam room experience. Some have even changed the name of their steam room to eucalyptus room or eucalyptus steam room.

In truth, however, fewer than 1000 are set up this way. Apparently the numbers are going to increase exponentially.

At the show, we merely asked the visitors to our booth to take a simple test. We said that the test would be life changing. We sprayed a bit of 100% pure eucalyptus oil into their upturned palms. We then asked them to rub their hands together vigorously to create some heat, simulating a steam room. Finally, we suggested they raise their palms to their nose and breath in the now hot eucalyptus oil, and experience one of nature’s most health producing essential oils.

“Exhilarating! You were right, life changing! WOW! I feel healthier already! Show my boss! That is amazing!”

Those were the comments we got over and over again from spa owners, managers, and consultants.

Then there was the educational part. Few understood how important it is to use 100% pure eucalyptus rather than “watered down” versions that include carriers, alcohol or other chemicals designed to reduce the cost per gallon, but also reduce effectiveness. 

Why Use 100% pure eucalyptus oil in the steam room?

✓    Better for your guest
✓    Better for the pump
✓    Better for reducing mold and mildew
✓    Better for your budget

Like so many diluted products, you have to use way more to get the benefit. Our clients find that when they use pure oil, their actual costs go down. They use less and get greater benefit.

Eucalyptus Oil is a known anti-fungal, anti-mildew and anti-mold agent. One visitor after another to our booth said that “even though we inject eucalyptus into our steam room, we still have the dirty sock smell.” In every single case they were using an inferior grade of eucalyptus oil. Our clients will be happy to tell you that they have dramatically reduced frequency of the deep cleaning in their steam rooms once they use our pure oil in their injection system.  Hence, the grout and tile last longer, helping to reduce costs.

The health benefits of eucalyptus oil for respiratory issues, muscle inflammation, athlete’s foot, and other maladies are well known. Elsewhere on this blog, you can find many articles and studies named regarding these aromatic effects. Obviously a pure oil is going to be more beneficial than one that has been diluted with chemicals.

Why use 100% pure eucalyptus oil at home?

The new retail products we offer provide your guests with an opportunity to experience the Eucalyptus Oil steam room effect in their own home shower or over their sink. Cheap eucalyptus oils commonly do not offer the same aroma as the one we provide. Every batch of our oil must be tested for the perfect EuroSpa aroma.

Most of your clients are very particular when it comes to the use of chemicals or distillates. You can provide them the EuroSpa ShowerMist with complete confidence that the product has not been adulterated with any such substance.

Shocked by the free display offer and the huge retail margins

There was almost universal acceptance of the idea that adding Eucalyptus Oil to the steam room would be a very good idea. Similarly, almost everyone who came to our booth seemed to think that their guests would be very interested in taking home a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil shower spray. 

Then we dropped the bombshell, and the surprised looks on our visitor’s faces was worth the trip to Vegas! Margins are fantastic!!  An 8 oz bottle sells for $29.95.  Call us for your cost.

Everyone loved our simple wooden display stand. And another smile graced many lips when we offered to send the display free with a purchase of just 24 units of the product. And this 24 piece order can be a mix of our 100% Eucalyptus Oil, Mentholyptus, and the amazing Menthol Crystals. The total cost to get into business on this hot seller with amazing margins?  Under $300.00!

Now what is a spa owner or manager to do?
Call or email for a price list or to place an order:Toll free: (800) 395-6478

We suggest you get our Mystifier automatic injection system for just $750, a five gallon pail of Pure Eucalyptus Oil (our Suprema) for just $400.10, and a starter retail kit for under $300.  Then you can consider changing the name of your steam room to the Eucalyptus Experience!

AND…if you are a spa owner or manager and you missed the opportunity to test our product at ISPA, we will be more than happy to send you a 2 oz sample spray mist bottle. Just call 800-395-6478 to request your free sample.