Give the Gift Koala’s Love

Not Sure What To Buy as a Gift?  Eucalyptus Oil Could Help Reduce Your Shopping Anxiety

You turn on the shower and let the hot water spray out prior to stepping in.  Now you send a few shots of 100% pure eucalyptus oil right into the steam.  The result is an explosion of fragrance that permeates the shower area and even spill out into the adjacent rooms.  Breathe the life affirming aroma into your lungs and feel it go to work cleaning and providing antibacterial action into your

Give Eucalyptus Oil for Christmas

entire respiratory system.

Who might like that?  Everyone?!  Oh! There’s more.  You can use this same 100% pure Eucalyptus oil for so many other uses:

  • Analgesic effect – For any tired or overused muscle, including feet
  • Mosquito Repellant – 2nd only to DEET
  • Steam Room and Sauna Improvement – Aromatherapy eliminates unpleasant odors and provides therapeutic effect.
  • Use in hot shower or facial sauna – Same benefits as steam room.
  • Freshen air in public restrooms
  • Aromatherapy – One of the most effectively and widely used oils for various aroma-therapeutic effects, including stress reduction during the holidays.
  • Removes “stale air” smell from air conditioning ducts.
  • Eliminates smoke odors in cars, hotel/motel room furniture, drapes, etc.

Who might appreciate such a loving gift?

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Auntie, Uncle, BFF, neighbor, Sister, Brother, adult Daughter, adult Son, Cousin, Godparent, Godchild, teacher, mailman, housekeeper, kids coach…You get the point.  Everyone on your list is a candidate for the gift of wellness and sensual delight.

Give this gift and 365 days a year you may get a text thanking you again for your amazing gift.  Head on over to and buy one for anyone on your list who might think this is a fantastic way to start the day.  What the heck, treat yourself to a bottle, too.  Here’s the link  

Now also available on Amazon – Twin Pack.  Gift One – Keep One.  Save $10.