Everyone loves the smell of tantalizing, fresh oranges. Lime adds a ZING! of energy and brightness to anything it touches. And without lemons, we’d have no lemonade! What’s summer without lemonade?

Citrus fruits are clearly beloved across the world. Did you know that these fruits are also used to make some of the best essential oils for your home and natural wellness goals?

Use Lemon Oil to make an all-natural cleaning solution

Lemon oil is a great disinfectant! Mix this oil with tea tree oil (another great antiseptic oil), a little white vinegar, and water to create a surface cleaner that gets the job done AND smells great. Here’s a recipe: 20 drops lemon oil + 10 drops tea tree oil + dash of white vinegar + 8 oz water. Add to a glass spray bottle and shake gently.

Use any combination of Citrus Oils for a happy, energized scent

Citrus oils smell great together and elicit feelings of sunshine, joy, and relaxation! Soak up the Vitamin C vibes by blending a few citrus oils together in your diffuser at the same time, or spritzing a little in the air during a relaxing bath or shower.

Use Orange Oil to aid an upset stomach

If you’re nauseous, reach for the Orange Oil! Apply a few drops to your stomach and rub in a clockwise motion. (Peppermint Oil is also great for tummy trouble and blends well with Orange. Combine the two if you’d like an added cooling sensation!)

Blend Citrus Oil with other oils to add a burst of energy or soften the scent

Since Citrus Oils are so similar to each other, most of them blend well with floral or clean scents. Try blending a few drops of Orange or Lemon Oil with Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Peppermint.

What is your favorite citrus oil to use around your home?
How do you use it? Let us know in the comments below.