Moms are special people!  Just think of all they gave up for you!!  Cooking, driving, cleaning, listening, caring and many other acts of sacrificial giving make moms special people in all of our lives.  Remember her this Mother’s Day!  Of course we don’t need a special day to say “thank you” for all they do but it’s nice to have a day to remember her with a special gift.  Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, Nieces and Daughters appreciate being remembered as well!

Treat your mother, or another special woman, to a unique gift of either a 2 oz or 8 oz bottle of EuroSpa Aromatics ShowerMist.  Available in 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil, Mint Infused, Lavender Infused, Menthol Infused or Citrus Infused Eucalyptus Oil.  Always pure oils.  Never any synthetic chemical compounds.

An every-day mundane shower becomes a Eucalyptus Oil infused spa experience!  Whether pure Eucalyptus Oil or one of our unique infusion blends, Mom will emerge from her shower exhilarated, energized and ready to face the day or an evening of excitement and enchantment.  Eucalyptus Oil has been used for centuries for its unique therapeutic benefits for inhalation therapy, skin treatment and attitude adjustment.  Mom can’t always go to a spa and experience the benefits of a Eucalyptus Oil infused steam room or treatment room.  But, she can always indulge herself with a specialty treatment in the shower.

With 400 sprays in a 2 oz bottle and 1600 sprays in an 8 oz bottle, this gift will keep on giving for weeks to come.  Each shower will remind Mom that you cared and remembered her not only on Mother’s Day but for many days after.

Happy Mother’s Day!