“Therapeutic grade” is marketing hype. There is no such standard!

Essential Oils have a ton of hype and popularity right now, and it’s for a good reason. They have shown to efficiently support the body in its ability to heal itself when they meet high standards. But what standard is that exactly?

First of all, there’s synthetic grade. This is the most common grade and is used to scent cosmetics, hair products, and body lotions. That’s all they should be used for.

Then there’s food grade. This level of quality (or lack thereof) is used to food flavorings in snacks, dressings, chewing gum, and the like. To meet food grade standards, an oil must be listed on the FDA’s list of acceptable food products. Eucalyptus oil is on the list. There is no standard beyond this set by the FDA.

How to Spot False Essential Oil Standards

Most Eucalyptus oils on the market today claim a classification of therapeutic. Unfortunately, this standard does not and is just marketing hype. Any eucalyptus oil can claim to be

Most Eucalyptus oils on the market today claim a classification of therapeutic. Unfortunately, this standard does not and is just marketing hype. Any eucalyptus oil can claim to be therapeutic grade, but since the standard doesn’t exist, this means nothing. Many of the oils that claim to be therapeutic may have a great aroma and healing properties. But the use of the term “therapeutic” will not help you in selecting the best essential oil.

According to Aromaweb.com:

“No governmental agency or generally accepted organization ‘grades’ or ‘certifies’ essential oils as ‘therapeutic grade,’ ‘medicinal grade,’ or ‘aromatherapy grade’ in the U.S. There is no formally approved grading standard used consistently throughout the essential oil industry.”

The only scientific grade available for essential oils is pharmaceutical grade. While several organizations provide this standard, most of the standards are derived from the British Pharmacopeia. There are not many essential oil providers out there that can honestly claim to have met such a standard.

Why Pharmaceutical Grade is the Only Trustworthy Standard for Essential Oils

At EuroSpa Aromatics, we specifically only use and source the best, pharmaceutical grade Eucalyptus oil. While this standard provides a high degree of certainty that the oil will have a great aroma and be effective in its purpose.

And with several major 5-star resort hotels and luxury spa steam rooms as our largest customers, you can be certain the product you receive from us will always be the best.
Eucalyptus oil is made up of over 100 compounds, each compound containing a piece of the plant’s DNA and immune system. The less oil that is distilled, the cruder it is considered, and the more of its compounds it still contains. Oils that do not claim pharmaceutical grade are typically distilled just one time, which leaves compounds in the oil that either reduce the quality of the product or reduce the potency.

With pharmaceutical grade, the plant is distilled a second time which eliminates more of the unwanted compounds. The pharmaceutical grade standard requires a final potency of 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) resulting in at least 70% of the desired cineole.

Our Eucalyptus oil products exceed these standards, and all of our oils are guaranteed to contain 80-85% cineole. This means our Eucalyptus oil is strong and safe to be used for antiseptics, muscle and bone pain, cough remedies, natural cleaning, air purification, surface sanitation, and cleaning.

The 80-85% standard that we employ also assures you the best possible aroma. If you love Eucalyptus oil, you may have experienced products or steam rooms where the aroma seems week, too pungent, or even not pleasant at all. This is either because the oil is only single distilled or because the supplier has added other agents (cut the oil) to lower the cost.

Our Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist meets these same standards. You spray it into the steam and are not only invigorated but also your entire respiratory system is cleansed and strengthened; great news for those suffering from sinusitis and asthma.

Finally, we want you to rest assured knowing that all EuroSpa Aromatics’ products are produced from Eucalyptus oil that significantly exceeds the pharmaceutical standard. All of our products are fresh and non-toxic. Unlike Eucalyptus oils common in our industry, EuroSpa’s blends do not contain any industrial solvents, isopropyl alcohol, or water.

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