Simple gifts are easy to give, but why not make it even more special without the complication. A spa gift basket is a perfect match for just about anyone with stress or a busy life. Do you know anyone that isn’t stressed? Likely not, so this is a win-win gift.

Want to make a spa gift? It’s incredibly easy and affordable as well.

How to Make the Perfect Homemade Spa Gift Basket

  1. Grab a medium sized basket or box. Choose natural wood or soothing colors. This is where you’ll stash everything.
  2. Make sure you have things to fill the box with like strips of newspaper, cotton balls, or even cloth.
  3. Fill the basket with items perfect for inducing relaxation and the spa experience. Some ideas include an eye mask, a facial scrub or liquid mask, some lavender oil, candles, massage lotion, a massage voucher, and finally, no basket is complete without some Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist. The spray can be used in any hot shower or bath to bring extra rejuvenation and immune boosting.
  4. Create little note cards with instructions and the reason for each item included.
  5. Top it all with a bow.

You’re ready to present your gift! Whether or not you wrap it completely is up to you. But we assure you, this is a crowd-pleasing gift for any age.

Help the loved ones in your life to feel special this holiday season and give them something they truly deserve in this gift basket.

From us to you, have a happy holiday!

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