Everyone has experienced lung congestion one or multiple times. It’s miserable and hard to breathe.  You deserve fast acting, natural relief that not only clears the congestion but helps you heal as well. 
Regular lung cleansing may just be the answer to many respiratory problems. Since we’re always breathing, problems with the lungs can really slow us down – it’s not something we can just easily ignore. Even the best medicines tend to only help on a temporary basis.  And when that help is over, you are left still needing to breathe, right? The beauty of this is that menthol crystals are a remedy you can use at home, that will provide symptomatic relief because the menthol reduces bronchial constriction and airway hyper responsiveness.
Menthol likely sounds familiar to you as the plant essence is often found in mouthwashes, toothpaste, balms, and many other products. It’s the primary active ingredient in essential oil of peppermint that provides the familiar cooling sensation and minty odor and taste. Menthol crystals are produced by rapidly cooling the essential oil of eucalyptus and peppermint. They are very concentrated and if used properly, are very beneficial when used for lung cleansing in small amounts.

Menthol Crystals for Cough and Congestion Support

Lung cleansing products that contain menthol crystals can provide tremendous relief for symptoms of congestion, upper respiratory problems, sore throat and coughs. In fact, most lozenges, cough drops, and respiratory balms will list menthol as the chief ingredient. It’s no surprise, if you’re congested and start inhaling the scent of menthol crystals, you can almost feel the menthol vapors attacking and breaking up lung congestion. The cooling and soothing sensation can be very relieving.
Adding menthol crystals to hot water and inhaling the vapors can begin to soothe congestion and irritated nasal or throat passages. Before getting in the shower, try dissolving some menthol crystals in a little water and add a few drops to the shower walls. The steam will release the menthol and provide you with an invigorating shower that provides aroma therapeutic benefits.
Menthol crystals aren’t just available in small amounts for you to use in the comfort of your home, they can be used in industrial amounts in spas as well. So whether you are the owner of a spa, we would love to enhance the benefits your clientele enjoy’s through these amazing menthol crystals! Just imagine infusing one of your darker steam rooms with menthol essential oils, as your clients’ sinuses and lungs rapidly clear! 
Your health and the health of your clients are our top priority.  At Eurospa Aromatics, we promise top quality in all of our eucalyptus oil based products. We can’t wait to hear from you, put in your order today!