If you own a gym, yoga or pilates studio, chances are you have at least a couple yoga mats hanging around your space. You may already be using a mat cleaner to keep these mats sanitized, but is your cleaner a holistic, all-natural, non-toxic and safe option?

According to the American Lung Association, many cleaners include harmful substances called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can negatively affect the body’s central nervous system, liver and kidneys.

Your customers are likely visiting your gym each and every day, if not at least a couple times each week. These toxic compounds can build up over time and pose potential health risks to your clients.

When choosing any kind of cleaner for your gym, spa or studio, it’s incredibly important to focus on the health and safety of your clients and customers as well as the cleanliness of your space. Are you ready to make the switch to an all-natural cleaner?

Top Reasons You Need Non-Toxic, Holistic Yoga Mat Cleaner

  1. Your customers have direct skin-to-mat contact for a lengthy amount of time. Because of the unique way your customers use yoga mats, large portions of their skin will come into contact with the mat for an extended period of time (i.e. the length of the class or workout). So, it is especially crucial to the safety of your customers to select a yoga mat cleaner that is safe and non-toxic.
  2. Your customers share mats following each workout. Our non-toxic yoga mat cleaner is incredibly effective for eliminating harmful bacteria found in sweat and skin particles, making sharing mats between workouts safe and healthy!
  3. Your customers likely value safe, holistic and non-toxic cleaning options. Ask any of your customers which they prefer – toxins and chemicals, or all-natural ingredients like essential oils?
  4. Non-natural products can be corrosive to your equipment (and just think what they do to your customers’ skin!).
  5. Your responsibility to your customers is to help them cultivate a healthy, thriving lifestyle. Go back and read your company’s mission statement. It likely includes a message about promoting and encouraging healthy living for each and every one of your customers, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you want to live up to that mission, even down to the cleaning products you use?

Keep your customers and employees safe day in and day out with our Eucalyptus-based yoga mat cleaner!