It’s that time of the year when the winds start to shift and with that comes temperature changes, pollen, and germs all over. Half the time, you don’t know if you’re sick, or simply facing seasonal allergies, which leaves you unable to find the right remedy.

What you really need is a solution that quickly breaks up the congestion in your sinuses and lungs, as well as relieves the aches and pains that come with it. What you need is Eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus Oil for Respiratory Health

Eucalyptus oil is known for its expectorant, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral activity. A few studies have found that the Eucalyptol component in Eucalyptus oil may help break up and clear mucus from the lungs. Research has also found that using Eucalyptus oil for respiratory problems such as sinusitis, whooping cough, bronchitis, colds, and nasal congestion may help speed up the healing process.

A simple remedy for respiratory and sinus conditions is to inhale the powerful plant oils through heat and steam. Simply run a hot shower and add a few sprays of our Eucalyptus ShowerMist to the steam, for a symptom relieving, spa-style experience. You can also spray the mist around the house and inhale the Eucalyptus Oil vapors to help with congestion and to make breathing more comfortable.

If you have access to a steam room or sauna, even better. Just bring your little travel bottle with you and spray for luxury level of healing.

You don’t have to deal with annoying seasonal allergies that put a strain on your health any longer. Experience relief and get back to a healthier, more vibrant you.

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