As a spa owner, you are probably bought in on the benefits of steam rooms and saunas like healthier and more radiant skin, improved circulation, relaxation, reduced nerve tension, and more. Why else would you have one, right?

With summer just around the corner, so is the heat, seasonal allergies, and all kinds of activities that have you on the go (sometimes more than when the kids are in school!). There’s no better time to start diffusing eucalyptus in your steam room and sauna to help make your clients’ summer a little bit better.

Here are are a few of the reasons why your spa should diffuse eucalyptus this summer:

It is refreshing and energizing
Summer should be a time of relaxation, right? In theory. In reality, it sometimes seems like we’re making more plans and committing ourselves to more activities instead of taking time to relax. Instead of looking to a shot of espresso for some energy or succumbing to their tiredness and taking a nap, your clients can get a boost by inhaling the benefits of eucalyptus in your steam room or sauna as their afternoon pick-me-up.

It helps with seasonal allergy symptoms
If your clients are feeling sneezy, sniffly, or congested from seasonal allergies, eucalyptus can help with that! Just a few minutes in your steam room or sauna, while eucalyptus is diffusing, can help them breathe easier and feel some relief more quickly.

It can be used for scent marketing
We outlined this in another blog post, but scent marketing can be a game-changer for your business. Scent marketing targets the consumer’s sense of smell in order to improve customer experience, increase sales, develop brand awareness, and nurture brand loyalty and connection. Why not make that happen with a powerful and natural scent like eucalyptus?

It can help keep your spa clean
Beyond just making it smell fantastic, eucalyptus has proven health benefits in wet and humid areas: steam-borne eucalyptus oil wipes out bacteria and microbes before they can get a foothold in a steam room. Mold and mildew become a non-existent worry with a steady diffusion of eucalyptus oil.

If you are ready to utilize the benefits of eucalyptus in your spa, our Mystifier Automatic Injection system will help immensely. This device was developed in response to numerous requests from our customers seeking to eliminate hand spraying. Learn more here.