We love eucalyptus. Its light, herbal scent and soft, rustic aesthetic makes it the perfect foundational decoration and fragrance for any event, especially weddings.

Eucalyptus represents abundance and protection as well, adding a touch of meaningful symbolism to your special day.

When paired with our Pure Eucalyptus Oil Mist, especially, eucalyptus decor is sure to create a unique and memorable experience for bride, groom and every friend and family member in attendance.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use eucalyptus to make your wedding one you’ll remember forever!

Ways to Use Eucalyptus for Your Wedding

  1. Arrange it in your bouquet. Eucalyptus adds a soft and beautiful filler to any floral bouquet. Or, opt for a eucalyptus-only bouquet for a simple yet memorable style!eucalyptus wedding bouquet
  2. Use it in a floral crown. Eucalyptus crowns or halos are beautiful for bride, bridesmaids and even flower girls.eucalyptus floral crown
  3. Incorporate in corsages and boutonnieres. Don’t leave out the rest of the bridal party! The groom and his groomsmen will love the simplicity of eucalyptus, and your mother-in-law will love the scent of her corsage!eucalyptus corsage
  4. Arrange in the centerpieces. Eucalyptus makes a gorgeous centerpiece, especially when paired with succulents, roses, or bright florals!  Be sure to mist the centerpieces with our Pure Eucalyptus Oil Mist to enhance the aroma.eucalyptus centerpiece
  5. Fashion as a table runner garland. Lay branches of eucalyptus down the table runners as a garland – and don’t forget to spray a few touches of our mist!eucalyptus garland
  6. Use a floral wreath as an altar backdrop. Like your bouquet, eucalyptus is beautiful all on its own or when paired with other florals. The design is up to you!
  7. Give to the flower girl to toss instead of petals. The eucalyptus leaves will add a unique look to your aisle runner. eucalyptus leaves
  8. Give to guests to toss during your grand exit! Some wedding parties toss bird seed, some light sparklers, but eucalyptus is a sweet and simple way to make your wedding unlike any other.eucalyptus confetti
  9. Give out mini-bouquets as favors. Guests will love taking home a few branches of eucalyptus. Pair with a tea light candle for a favor they’ll be sure to use and set out in their home.eucalyptus favors
  10. Our Pure Eucalyptus Oil Mist in travel size makes the perfect favor for a eucalyptus-themed wedding! Guests will enjoy remembering your special day every time they spray the mist.eucalyptus shower mist

Planning on using eucalyptus in your wedding? Don’t forget a bottle of our Pure Eucalyptus Oil Mist to spray throughout your day to create unique and lasting memories!