EuroSpa Aromatics® ShowerMist turns a regular shower into an exhilarating Eucalyptus-infused spa experience that will make your day significantly better!   Whether you choose our most popular 100% Eucalyptus ShowerMist, Lavender-Infused, Citrus-Infused, Mint-Infused or Menthol-Infused you can be assured you will only be using 100% all-natural plant oils blended in with Pure 80/85 Eucalyptus Globulus for maximum aromatic benefit from both the Eucalyptus Oil and the infusion.

Eucalyptus Oil has been in use as a beneficial and therapeutic aromatic oil since the days of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.  But, even today, new uses are being discovered for this wonder natural oil.  Here are 5 to consider.

5. Live Better

A few sprays down the garbage disposal kills the odor and helps keep your kitchen smelling fresh!

4. Sleep Better

A light spray of Lavender Infused ShowerMist on your pillow before bed time helps you relax for a restful night’s sleep.

3. Breathe Better

A few sprays into the reservoir of a moldy stale-smelling humidifiers helps to keep it fresh and gunk free.

2. Work Better

A spray or two onto the bills in a cash drawer gets rid of that musty smell accompanying much-handled bills.

And 1. Exercise Better

One spray inside each shoe kills the odor caused by perspiration and leaves the shoe fresh and ready for the next session!!

What ways have you found to use Eucalyptus Oil? Comment and let us know!