A dorm room is a small space with a big purpose: to provide the safety and comfort of home. In that one area, you will be sleeping, eating, studying, and socializing — a lot happens in this small space. Our suggestion? Use essential oils to maximize the impact of your home-away-from-home. 

With a few basic essentials, you can make sure your dorm room is one that is clean and tidy, keeps you alert when it’s time to focus, promotes peace and rest for optimal self-care, and fosters healing when you’re feeling sick.

A Diffuser: Time to Hit the Books

The best cram sessions take place in college dorm rooms. It’s an easy place to gather friends, grab your notes, and hit the books. Since candles are usually not allowed, a diffuser is a great option to release rousing essential oils into the air. This way, you can enjoy the aromatic benefits without an overwhelming scent. Try spritzing a few sprays of our Mint-Infused 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist into the water in your diffuser. Peppermint provides an invigorating smell that can provide the alertness you need to soak up the material. Eucalyptus is also a good option when you’ve been studying for a while. It’s healing properties can be refreshing to achy muscles or a tense mind.

Yoga Mat Cleaner: Time to Find Your Peace

Whether its an assignment’s due date or an upcoming final, college is stressful. Promote peace and self-care by staying active. After yoga or another gentle exercise, use our Lavender-Infused Yoga Mat Cleaner to wipe down your mat. (Another tip: you can also bring the 2oz travel-sized bottle with you to the gym to clean all kinds of equipment before and after use.) Our Yoga Mat Cleaner is made with pure eucalyptus oil. The plant base and enzymatic action will effectively remove makeup, perspiration, body oils, and dirt without degrading your mat. Our cleaner is yoga practitioner tested and approved! You can also continue using lavender as part of your bedtime routine. It’s known to have calming, sleep-inducing effects that will promote quality sleep.

A Spray Bottle: Time to Freshen Up

Despite balancing classes, homework, and your social life, you’re also responsible for keeping your dorm room clean. But it’s easy (and cost-effective!) to make your own all-purpose cleaner. For a natural way to keep your dorm room germ free, simply fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Use it wipe down your door handles, your toilet, windows, and most any other hard surface. This will keep germs away and smell fresh too!

Menthol Crystals: Time to Stay Healthy

Bring the steam room to your dorm room! Our Menthol Crystals are clear and all-natural and can give any dorm room a spa-like vibe. These crystals are a product of steam-distilled peppermint essential oil. When heated, the crystals melt and release that wonderful, healing peppermint scent into the air. It can be a natural remedy to common ailments associated with cough, cold, and flu symptoms, as well as headaches, inflammation, and even itching. It’s also a fantastic study aid, as it gives you both respiratory and mental clarity. Having menthol crystals in your dorm room will be a step toward staying healthy all semester.

What other natural essentials do you think are a must for college students living in a dorm room?