Did someone say it’s spring cleaning time? Spring is finally here and it’s time to throw open your windows, let some fresh air in, and tidy everything up. Don’t forget to add these to-dos to your list:

Pack away your heaviest winter clothes and blankets for next year.

If the weather has shown signs of warming up, make a laundry date! Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to some detergent and give all your heaviest winter items a good wash. Then pack everything away in vacuum-sealed bags, tubs, or chests.

De-funk your exercise equipment.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about making sure your house is neat and tidy. Take some time to give your workout gear a nice scrub to get rid of bad odors and germs. Clean your rubber-coated weights and yoga mat with this awesome Eucalyptus + Lavender mat spray, and give those stinky sneakers a refresh with a spritz of Eucalyptus!

Give your carpets a spot treatment.

After opening all the windows and letting the light in, you may have noticed a few spots on the carpet that you didn’t see before. No worries! Eucalyptus oil is a great stain remover. Mix ¼ cup of the oil with 1 cup of water and shake to make a spray that safe for the carpet. After testing it on a small area, spray and leave on the spot for a minute or so, then scrub away.

What’s one thing at the top of your spring cleaning list? Let us know in the comments below!