Important Hand Sanitizer Info During COVID-19

Important Hand Sanitizer Info During COVID-19

Update 04/03/2020: More scientific evidence and research has come to light on the efficacy of Benzalkonium Chloride against Coronavirus, and potentially the reasons behind the CDC’s stance on the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers at this time. We invite you to read the following two articles that discuss the active ingredient in our hand sanitizer so you can make your own informed purchasing decision:EXCLUSIVE: Sanitizer opposed by CDC kills coronavirus “surrogate” in lab tests” ; “Doctor challenges CDC claims on hand sanitizer against coronavirus.”

Please meet the newest member of our family, Lavender & Eucalyptus-Infused Hand Sanitizer. We’ve been diligently working on this product for over a year, and just recently received our FDA registration allowing us to sell this carefully-crafted Benzalkonium Chloride-based hand sanitizer formulation.

As with everything we do, providing health-promoting products is our #1 priority at EuroSpa Aromatics. So we thought we’d give you some more information that can hopefully offer some reassurance during this time of concern and confusion about the Coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19.

Today there is one point of agreement among all the medical experts in the CDC, WHO and American Medical Association (AMA): WASH YOUR HANDS!  If you can’t wash your hands as directed by the experts, use a hand sanitizer until you can.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized two types of hand sanitizing formulations:  the first is alcohol-based utilizing a minimum level of alcohol. The FDA has found that two types of alcohol are acceptable, isopropyl or ethyl.

Isopropyl alcohol is derived from the petro-chemical propene and is distilled to a 99% level of concentration or strength.  It has a wide range of uses from pharmaceutical to industrial but is never suitable for ingestion. In its 99% concentration, it has a lethal dosage rate of 3600 mgs/kg of body weight.  Ethyl alcohol is derived from grain and is the type of alcohol found in fermented beverages, thus it is federally regulated and must be denatured for industrial or cosmetic use. Typical denaturants render ethyl alcohol unusable for beverage purposes.  In its 100% concentration (200 proof when beverage), it has a lethal dosage rate of 2000 mgs/kg of body weight. Both alcohols are considered as hazardous materials because of their flammability for shipping, handling and storage.

The second FDA-recognized hand sanitizing formulation is a Benzalkonium Chloride formulation.  Benzalkonium Chloride is a compound reacted to produce surface-acting properties useful for disinfecting, laundry detergent and textile fabric softening.  For the FDA’s purposes, the disinfecting antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of Benzalkonium Chloride are what make it useful in a hand sanitizer formula. When at levels of 0.1% or lower, there are no hazards surrounding this highly effective broad-spectrum sanitizing compound.

For your safety, the United States Food and Drug Administration regulates the manufacture and sale of hand sanitizing products.  Each manufacturer of a hand sanitizing product is required by federal law to register their manufacturing facility and their product label with the FDA.  The FDA does not “approve” any manufacturer or formulation. Anyone making such a claim is either ignorant of the facts, is possibly attempting to deceive the consumer, or misrepresenting their product.

EuroSpa Aromatics has considered the benefits of both alcohol-based and Benzalkonium Chloride-based formulations and has decided to opt for the Benzalkonium Chloride formula.  Because of the uniqueness of the COVID-19 virus and the urgency for so many other issues facing the medical community, no specific testing has been performed for efficacy against COVID-19.  But! There is testing that has demonstrated virucidal properties of Benzalkonium Chloride.  Snyder Manufacturing Corporation’s (EuroSpa Aromatics’ parent company) manufacturing site in Long Beach, California and our product label EuroSpa Aromatics Hand Sanitizer have both been registered with the FDA and are in compliance with their regulation.

Part of our decision-making process has been to weigh the advantages of Benzalkonium Chloride and alcohol for overall efficacy, risks for the consumer, and long-term usage.  While alcohol is effective, there is a very crucial feature of any sanitizing product’s efficacy: contact time. A contact time of 15 seconds is recognized as a minimum. Alcohol typically evaporates in 8 to 10 seconds.  Benzalkonium Chloride formulations well exceed 15 seconds before evaporating. In addition to the lengthier contact time, there is a residual protection effect of the Benzalkonium Chloride formula, unlike alcohol, that lasts 2 to 4 hours.

In order to slow alcohol from evaporating quickly, gel thickeners are added.  These thickeners make alcohol less effective with repeated use because they make the hands dirtier rather than cleaner as the thickening polymers entrap dead skin cells on the skin.  One more reason to choose the Benzalkonium Chloride formula.

One other obvious concern regarding alcohol is flammability.  Alcohol-based sanitizers can have a flash point of as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  Consumers have experienced serious burns when using sanitizers with alcohol and static electricity has ignited the alcohol.  Alcohol does burn with a relatively cool flame but it still can quickly cause 1st degree burns and even 2nd and 3rd degree burns when spilled on clothing.  Benzalkonium Chloride formulations at FDA-recognized levels are non-flammable.

For those who are in situations requiring constant hand sanitizer use, alcohol can strip away the skin’s sebum and natural oils.  This leaves the skin more susceptible to organisms and infection. Our unique Benzalkonium Chloride formulation has added skin conditioning and emollients that help prevent skin dryness without the use of PEG’s (PolyEthylene Glycols, a skin lubricant commonly used to leave a slick feeling on your skin), polymer thickeners, or silicones.

We do not approach this very serious issue of hand sanitizing lightly.  For all the reasons listed above, our EuroSpa Aromatics Hand Sanitizer is based on Benzalkonium Chloride technology and will help protect you.  We have taken the added step of infusing the Benzalkonium Chloride formula with the beneficial properties of pure 80/85 Eucalyptus Oil and 4042 Lavender oil.  We thought hand sanitizing should be effective, smell nice and come with the added benefits of these fantastic essential oils. But, don’t forget, WASH YOUR HANDS!!  There is no substitute for the efficacy of thoroughly washing your hands.

The active ingredient in our unique Benzalkonium Chloride technology is manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our bottles and sprayers come from Streator, Illinois and Brea, California. Our labels are printed in Huntington Beach, California.  Our corrugated packaging is manufactured in Corona, California. Our manufacturing plant and offices are in Long Beach, California and employ local residents.

EuroSpa Aromatics has been concerned about your health since 1977 when we first introduced all-natural pure Eucalyptus Oil products into spas and wellness centers where steam rooms developed offensive odors. All of our blends are carefully formulated, using only the finest ingredients available on the world market. We always deliver the highest quality at the lowest price, while also sharing with our consumers an experience that they will love.

Pros and Cons of Pillow Sprays

Pros and Cons of Pillow Sprays

Have you considered using a pillow spray or mist to help provide a better night’s sleep? We’re answering some of your top questions about this soothing product. We’re exploring the benefits of a pillow mist, discussing ingredients, and sharing our preferred alternative. (Spoiler alert: you can use our ShowerMists outside the shower!)

What is a pillow spray or pillow mist?

A pillow spray is an essential oil-based product sprayed directly onto bed pillows (or linens) to provide an aromatherapeutic experience. Usually, the mist is added right before bed. Once dry, the scent prepares the body, mind, and mood for optimal relaxation. 

Some of the common essential oils found in pillow sprays are Lavender (for its amazing, calming effects), Menthol (for its aide in opening nasal passageways), and Eucalyptus (for an exhilarating, delightful experience.)

What are the benefits of pillow spray?

Pillow sprays are infused with aromatherapy ingredients, so a deep inhale will provide you with the aromatic benefits of your preferred scent. This includes restfulness, relaxation, and calmness, which all work together to provide optimal rest. Additionally, pillow sprays are easy to use — a light mist is all you need. Since it is sprayed directly on to your pillow or sheets (right where you’ll be snuggling for hours), the full effects are experienced without much effort. 

How much does a pillow spray cost?

The cost of pillow sprays vary depending on size, ingredients, and brand. Expect to pay between $30 and $80 (or more!) for 8 oz. of product — the ingredients of which may not be evident and the quality questionable. Keep reading to know what to look for. 

Are pillow sprays safe?

Yes — if you do a little research. With so many different ones on the market, it is important to find a pillow spray with only safe ingredients. Some claim to be “natural” or “organic” but contain other dilutants or alcohol (keep an eye out for Ethanol, a type of alcohol which is a solvent used to extract botanical oils). This can increase the chance for an allergic reaction and reduce the effectiveness. 

Our advice: Always have a look at the label to see what’s in the product. If the label doesn’t clearly indicate what’s in it, be cautious or skip it entirely for another that lists all the ingredients and has third-party testing to ensure quality and purity. See our rundown of the pros and cons of pillow mists.

Is there an alternative to pillow sprays?

Yes! EuroSpa Aromatics has captured the aromatic benefits of an easy-to-use pillow spray but added the possibility of shower use with our 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist. This all-natural, plant-based, steam-distilled mist has no synthetics, alcohols, or petrochemicals. It is 100% pure Eucalyptus oil, and our infusions use 100% pure botanical oils. 

Our ShowerMists can be enjoyed in several ways. First and foremost, you can use it as a naturally-effective pillow spray alternative. Yes! Simply spritz a few sprays on your pillow, wait a few seconds for it to dry, and breathe in those amazing benefits while you sleep! Or use it to create a spa-like steam room experience in your own shower. When your shower starts to get steamy, spritz a few sprays into the steam cloud, away from your eyes. Finally, if you prefer, you can even add it to a diffuser.

In our ShowerMists, we kept all the good, removed the bad, and created a product that functions in multiple ways. Now that you have a little more information about pillow sprays, we hope you will be able to find the one that best supports your relaxation goals.

Natural Essentials for Your Dorm Room

Natural Essentials for Your Dorm Room

A dorm room is a small space with a big purpose: to provide the safety and comfort of home. In that one area, you will be sleeping, eating, studying, and socializing — a lot happens in this small space. Our suggestion? Use essential oils to maximize the impact of your home-away-from-home. 

With a few basic essentials, you can make sure your dorm room is one that is clean and tidy, keeps you alert when it’s time to focus, promotes peace and rest for optimal self-care, and fosters healing when you’re feeling sick.

A Diffuser: Time to Hit the Books

The best cram sessions take place in college dorm rooms. It’s an easy place to gather friends, grab your notes, and hit the books. Since candles are usually not allowed, a diffuser is a great option to release rousing essential oils into the air. This way, you can enjoy the aromatic benefits without an overwhelming scent. Try spritzing a few sprays of our Mint-Infused 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist into the water in your diffuser. Peppermint provides an invigorating smell that can provide the alertness you need to soak up the material. Eucalyptus is also a good option when you’ve been studying for a while. It’s healing properties can be refreshing to achy muscles or a tense mind.

Yoga Mat Cleaner: Time to Find Your Peace

Whether its an assignment’s due date or an upcoming final, college is stressful. Promote peace and self-care by staying active. After yoga or another gentle exercise, use our Lavender-Infused Yoga Mat Cleaner to wipe down your mat. (Another tip: you can also bring the 2oz travel-sized bottle with you to the gym to clean all kinds of equipment before and after use.) Our Yoga Mat Cleaner is made with pure eucalyptus oil. The plant base and enzymatic action will effectively remove makeup, perspiration, body oils, and dirt without degrading your mat. Our cleaner is yoga practitioner tested and approved! You can also continue using lavender as part of your bedtime routine. It’s known to have calming, sleep-inducing effects that will promote quality sleep.

A Spray Bottle: Time to Freshen Up

Despite balancing classes, homework, and your social life, you’re also responsible for keeping your dorm room clean. But it’s easy (and cost-effective!) to make your own all-purpose cleaner. For a natural way to keep your dorm room germ free, simply fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Use it wipe down your door handles, your toilet, windows, and most any other hard surface. This will keep germs away and smell fresh too!

Menthol Crystals: Time to Stay Healthy

Bring the steam room to your dorm room! Our Menthol Crystals are clear and all-natural and can give any dorm room a spa-like vibe. These crystals are a product of steam-distilled peppermint essential oil. When heated, the crystals melt and release that wonderful, healing peppermint scent into the air. It can be a natural remedy to common ailments associated with cough, cold, and flu symptoms, as well as headaches, inflammation, and even itching. It’s also a fantastic study aid, as it gives you both respiratory and mental clarity. Having menthol crystals in your dorm room will be a step toward staying healthy all semester.

What other natural essentials do you think are a must for college students living in a dorm room?

Why You Should Diffuse Eucalyptus in Your Spa this Fall

Why You Should Diffuse Eucalyptus in Your Spa this Fall

The woody-sweet scent of eucalyptus is refreshing, energizing, and pleasing to many. When diffused in your spa this fall, it can be an exhilarating part of your customer’s experience.

Follow Your Nose: Scent Marketing
Think back to your most favorite holiday as a child. (Christmas or Thanksgiving, perhaps?) You can envision the lights, the sounds, and — most likely — the smells from that time of year as well. Cookies baking, peppermint candies, or even the scent of a breeze through an open window might come to mind.

That’s because the sense of smell is powerful and can stir up a memory or evoke an emotional response. And it’s the same for your customers. You can build responses and create deeper connections through scent marketing, using the sense of smell to improve customer experience, nurture brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Large retail chains diffuse scents throughout the year to influence customer behavior and set themselves apart from the competition. Diffusing eucalyptus in your spa this fall will appeal to the emotional side of your customers and make for a memorable experience, one they will want to return to again.

Breathe Easy: Seasonal Allergies
Let your guests (and you and your staff!) breathe easier as they open the doors with the use of eucalyptus. Well-known for its aromatherapeutic benefits, this essential oil can help alleviate symptoms of a variety of ailments. This includes seasonal allergies, which affect so many people as summer turns into fall. 

However, relief can be found in your diffuser with eucalyptus. This fresh, healing oil is decongestant in nature. Eucalyptus is a top choice for seasonal allergy symptom relief. Your customers will enjoy the revitalizing, sensory pleasing effects along with the health benefits allowing them to breathe easy. 

Work With Less Effort: Clean as you Steam
Some of the same properties in eucalyptus that support health and allergy relief can keep your entire spa, steam room, or sauna clean in a natural, non-toxic way. The natural properties in eucalyptus oil wipe out germs without the need for harsh chemicals. 

As a spa owner or operator, you can put these wonderful properties to work effortlessly for you. Eucalyptus oil will clean and prevent mold and mildew — while you steam! This is a benefit on top of the uplifting scent your guests will love.

If you are ready to utilize the benefits of eucalyptus in your spa, our Mystifier Automatic Injection system will help immensely! This device was developed in response to numerous requests from our customers seeking to eliminate hand spraying. Learn more here.

The Importance of Scent Marketing and Aromatherapy in Your Spa

The Importance of Scent Marketing and Aromatherapy in Your Spa

When you walk into your home after being away to college or even just on a vacation, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that comforting scent of home. That smell is made up of a combination of things, for better or for worse — the type of laundry detergent or cleaners that you use, if you have pets, essentials oils that you regularly diffuse, and what you cooked last will all be factors in how your home smells.

Your spa isn’t much different when it comes to scent. But in your spa, you should be using scent marketing to your advantage. Your facility may already smell good, but imagine what the results would be if you were intentional about the scents that you use?

What is scent marketing?

Scent marketing, scent branding, and aroma marketing all refer to the sensory marketing that targets the consumer’s sense of smell in order to improve the customer experience, increase sales, develop brand awareness, and nurture brand loyalty and connection.

Research has shown that scent has the ability to evoke an emotional response and is closely linked with memory, more than any of the other senses. And as many of us know from personal experience, scent can bring us right back to a moment in time, whether positive or negative. Smell is a powerful thing.

Why should you use scent marketing in your spa?

Because of the power that scent holds, you should be using it to your advantage when it comes to your spa. Retailers who use ambient scenting, or diffusing a pleasant aroma in a space, do so in order to influence customer behavior — their intention is to create a pleasant atmosphere with a scent that eventually nudges customers towards a purchase. Data has shown that people stay as much as 44% longer in businesses that smell good.

How can you use scent marketing in your spa?

For steam rooms, we have a total steam room solution with Pure Eucalyptus Oil in commercial sizes, variations, infusions, and custom-blended signature scents as well as our Mystifier Injection System for diffusing our oils into your steam room.

Saunas also benefit from aromatherapy, so use our Menthol Crystals for a dry heat-generated aromatherapeutic vapor. Our Menthol Crystals are available in two commercial sizes and can be used in other dry areas of your spa.

ShowerMists are excellent retail products that clients LOVE to take home! Attractive margins help turn your back room expense into front room revenues.

Have you tried scent marketing in your facilities? We’d love to hear about it! Comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram. If you’d like to work with us on private label, custom signature scents or scent marketing using the finest eucalyptus oil on the market, then please get in touch with us to get started!