Give Your Mom the Gift of Aromatherapy

Give Your Mom the Gift of Aromatherapy

Mother’s Day will be here before we know it, but there’s still plenty of time to get your mom or the mother figures in your life a thoughtful gift! Instead of opting for the same bouquet of flowers and a card, why not try giving your mom the gift of aromatherapy for this Mother’s Day? You’ll be giving her a gift that not only smells great but also has amazing health benefits.

Here are some of our favorite aromatherapy Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Aromatherapy DIffuser with a ShowerMist
Diffusing essential oils is a very common practice now — and for good reason! There are many benefits to diffusing essential oils. A diffuser is a great non-toxic alternative to scented candles, it can help promote better sleep and will purify the air, and the constant inhalation helps to reap all the benefits of the essential oil you are diffusing. With our diffuser set, you can choose any of our ShowerMists to include.

At-Home Steam Room
Your mom may not have a steam room at her home to use whenever she’d like, but she most likely has a shower! With any of our 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMists, your mom can transform her bathroom into a spa experience with just a few sprays of a bottle. We have several options for different infusions — like citrus, mint, and lavender, to name a few.

Depending on what kind of experience your mom is looking for will decide which infusion she will want to have on hand. If she is looking for relaxation and calming, the Lavender-Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist would be the best option. If she would like to start her day with an invigorating and stimulating experience, she might like the Citrus-Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist.

If you’re not sure what she would like, maybe get her a couple of options!

Menthol Crystals and Warmer
Menthol Crystals are another one of our multi-tasking products that your mom will love. There are many uses for these crystals, including itch and sunburn relief, inflammation reduction, congestion relief, and hair growth. Or, she can simply use the crystals in a warmer and purify the air while making it smell like a spa.

Gift Card
If all else fails and you’re really not sure what your mom will love this holiday, let her pick her own perfect gift by giving her a gift card! You’re still showing her that you care, and it is just as special. Make sure to get her a card and write a little something inside. She’ll love it!

What are you planning for your mom this Mother’s Day?

Give Your Mom the Gift of Exhilaration

Give Your Mom the Gift of Exhilaration

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve struggled to find the perfect gift to express your gratitude for all she’s done for you, we’re here to help! Here are a few of our favorite treats to delight her senses:

Lavender Infused Eucalyptus Oil for a restful evening bath

There’s nothing like a hot, candlelit bath at the end of a long day! Gift a bottle of our incredible ShowerMist with a carton of Epsom salt and a soft robe and Mom will be feeling relaxed in no time!

Menthol Crystals and a crystal warmer for an invigorating aroma

Mom can melt our menthol crystals in a warmer to diffuse the scent throughout her house, clear the air, and make any day feel like a spa day. Head over early to tidy up for her and make dinner and she’ll really swoon.

Help Mom start her essential oils collection

Has your mom been looking into natural wellness lately? Order a book all about essential oils and pair it with her first bottle of 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil, a natural household staple and an all-time fan favorite!

Let Mom choose her own adventure with a gift card

Is your mom hard to shop for? Is she particular when it comes to scents? Give the gift of choice with a digital gift card for all products in the EuroSpa Aromatics shop, available in increments of $25. Make sure to write a heartfelt card so she feels celebrated.

How are you planning to celebrate the mother figures in your life this year? Tell us in the comments below!

A Eucalyptus Steam Room for Mom on Mother’s Day!

A Eucalyptus Steam Room for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Moms are special people!  Just think of all they gave up for you!!  Cooking, driving, cleaning, listening, caring and many other acts of sacrificial giving make moms special people in all of our lives.  Remember her this Mother’s Day!  Of course we don’t need a special day to say “thank you” for all they do but it’s nice to have a day to remember her with a special gift.  Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, Nieces and Daughters appreciate being remembered as well!

Treat your mother, or another special woman, to a unique gift of either a 2 oz or 8 oz bottle of EuroSpa Aromatics ShowerMist.  Available in 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil, Mint Infused, Lavender Infused, Menthol Infused or Citrus Infused Eucalyptus Oil.  Always pure oils.  Never any synthetic chemical compounds.

An every-day mundane shower becomes a Eucalyptus Oil infused spa experience!  Whether pure Eucalyptus Oil or one of our unique infusion blends, Mom will emerge from her shower exhilarated, energized and ready to face the day or an evening of excitement and enchantment.  Eucalyptus Oil has been used for centuries for its unique therapeutic benefits for inhalation therapy, skin treatment and attitude adjustment.  Mom can’t always go to a spa and experience the benefits of a Eucalyptus Oil infused steam room or treatment room.  But, she can always indulge herself with a specialty treatment in the shower.

With 400 sprays in a 2 oz bottle and 1600 sprays in an 8 oz bottle, this gift will keep on giving for weeks to come.  Each shower will remind Mom that you cared and remembered her not only on Mother’s Day but for many days after.

Happy Mother’s Day!

6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute and Low-Budget Shoppers

6 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Last Minute and Low-Budget Shoppers

Wondering what to do for Mother’s Day? Well, if you’re a procrastinator or are just stuck for good ideas, I want to share some really good ones you can use even last minute. If you don’t have all that you need, you might want to give her a photo or hint and deliver later.

6 DIY Gifts to Give Mom this Mother’s Day

1. Breakfast in Bed.  Now please, with this one, don’t wake her up. Keep it personalized to HER needs. She may not want pancakes. She might want fresh juice, a cup of tea, and her favorite book. Absolutely make sure she has a flower or a few sprigs of lavender and rosemary to bring a fresh and relaxing aroma to the morning.

2. Make an entire day just for her: She’s given years. So give her a day. This day should push her out of her normal day (sans kids) and into the world. Be generous and stock her wallet with some funds so she can have a pampering adventure meant just for her.

3. Spoil her with plants: This is a tried and true way to celebrate most women, but you’re going to go above and beyond by keeping it easy and fresh. Very popular and loved options right now are varieties of air plants and succulents. They don’t require much and make a beautiful accent wherever they are placed.

4. Create a digital album of her photos: Odds are, somewhere in your mom’s house, there are stacks of faded old photographs or negatives stuffed into envelopes. They might be pictures of her as a child, or her mother, or her mother’s mother, and they deserve to be appreciated once again. Put a smile on your mother’s face by unearthing these family gems and bringing them into the 21st century. Scan and upload a bunch of images so that there are digital copies of them that can easily be shared and printed.

5. List the reasons you love her: Among the DIY Mother’s Day gifts suggested by is a decorated mason jar stuffed full of adorable and funny messages about why mom is the greatest. For example: “You give the best hugs,” or “You don’t snore as loud as dad.” The idea is that mom can open up the jar each day or whenever she needs a pick-me-up, and get a reminder about how amazing she is, and how much all of you appreciate her.

6. Make a home spa basket: Another spoil-her-silly option, this one is a hit. Get a box or a basket and fill it with her favorite ways to relax as well as throwing in some new things. Some ideas could include: a bottle of red wine, some lavender or chamomile tea, bath salts, Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist, an eye pillow and maybe even a good book!

As you can see, it’s not so hard. So go ahead, dote on her like never before. We’re proud to honor her with you!

What other ways do you spoil Mom? We want to hear about it in the comments, and don’t forget to share this with the buttons below!

Incredibly Healing Natural Remedies Mom Would LOVE to Have.

Incredibly Healing Natural Remedies Mom Would LOVE to Have.

There’s a lot of talk about different home remedies and the moms out there can become overwhelmed with their options. That’s why YOU are amazing and finding out all the information FOR her, today.

You’re so kind.

Essential oils make the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year, as they will not only help her feel like a queen, but also increase her immunity and ease common everyday discomforts!Here’s the thing.  Did you know that the pharmaceutical companies create their top medicines from the active healing properties of plants?  (then they take them to a lab and add a bunch of chemicals and additives that are totally unnecessary and further damaging to your health…but that’s another story) For now, I want to focus on the alternative options you can gift mom with this year.  Because she deserves it and you love her. Right?

Peppermint:  First of all, peppermint is absolutely incredible. The essential oil of this miraculous herb is so multi-functional.  It calms the digestive system, fires up metabolism, eases tension and boosts your energy! People have compared used this oil in place of over the counter stomach relievers/antidiarrheals, energy drinks and even pain relievers!  Simply place a few drops on your forehead, temples, around your belly, on your shoulders and even on the bottom of your feet!  You’ll be surprised at the results.

Lavender: Lavender is one of the best oils you can keep on hand. In addition to its incredible scent, it addresses a spectrum of benefits from easing pain, calming the nerves and anti-viral to fight germs, bacteria and viruses.  People have replaced anti-biotic ointments, pain relief meds, sleep aids and muscle rubs with the oil of this incredible plant.

Lemongrass: This is a great one for it’s scent and uplifting nature!  It can be combined with all the other oils I’m suggesting to you. Not only with it’s smell but also for it’s healing benefits! Lemongrass has long been used in Asian and Caribbean cooking due to its subtle lemony flavor and aroma. It shouldn’t surprise you then, at this point, this plant oil is anti-viral, uplifts moods, calms the nerves, great for jet-lag and even as a bug repellent! For topical use, make sure you mix 1 -2 drops into about 1TBSP of coconut oil, as the oil can be too strong on the skin.  Just mix and rub on needed areas or diffuse in a room to breathe in it’s benefits.

Eucalyptus: Our absolute favorite, of course, is Eucalyptus, for it’s incredible power to fight and kill viruses, germs and general illness when inhaled in natural air or steam.  It’s essential properties go into the body and open up bronchial and nasal passages, all while beating the illness living in them.  Relaxing, energizing and healing – this oil in spray form can be used as a room spray, home cleaner and sauna/steam room enhancer.  It’s a necessity in any conscious mother’s medicine bag.

I hope that helped give you a few more ideas to prepare for Mother’s Day. It’s coming soon, so make sure you are prepared to give her a gift she absolutely deserves.  From all of us at Eurospa, Happy Mother’s Day.