Natural Menstrual Pain Relief

Natural Menstrual Pain Relief

For many women, the pain that comes along with their menstrual cycle can be truly debilitating. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t much that will work to relieve some of that pain other than strong painkillers, but there are some natural options that have proven to be helpful for many. Essential oils and other natural practices can be game-changing!

Here are a few natural options for natural menstrual pain relief:

Lavender Oil
When you have your monthly period, the uterus and surrounding blood vessels become inflamed, which can cause quite a bit of pain. Instead of powering through it or popping some pills one after another, lavender oil can help to take the edge off. Lavender is known for its calming properties, both on the mind and the muscles. Run a hot shower and use our Lavender-Infused 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist to make this happen!

Applying Heat
Sometimes the most simple of remedies can have the biggest impact! Applying heat will help your muscles to relax and therefore help with cramps. You can do this by using an inexpensive heating pad from your local drugstore or soaking in a hot bath. Take this time to relax and take your mind off the discomfort that you’re feeling.

Peppermint Oil
Fluctuating hormones during your monthly cycle can cause headaches, nausea, and fatigue, but peppermint oil can help alleviate those symptoms! Peppermint oil can be used in a variety of ways to get relief from these symptoms, but one of our favorite methods is using our Mint-Infused 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist. Run a hot shower and spritz a few sprays into the steam and away from your face. Breathing in those amazing benefits and relaxing in the hot shower will be sure to help.

Healthy Diet and Hydration
You might be rolling your eyes, but it’s true! Being vigilant about eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, and whole grains will help you stay healthy. When your body isn’t healthy, any pain or other issues will feel magnified. Hydration is also key. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, which will make cramps feel even worse. Make sure your drinking that water — it makes a huge difference!

What are some of your favorite tried and true options for natural menstrual pain relief? Let us know in the comments!

Get Faster Relief from Muscle Pain

Get Faster Relief from Muscle Pain

After you’ve hit the gym and gotten in a really good workout, you probably feel great. Like you’re on top of the world. The endorphins are flowing and you feel energized. But there’s a small thought in the back of your head – this is going to hurt in the morning. You get out your foam roller and go to town, but it only does so much. You still feel sore the next morning.

Instead of always needing to default to over-the-counter pain medications, why not try some natural pain relief? Essential oils and other natural products are a great way to help ease muscle soreness and stiffness. Here are a few of our favorites and how to use them:

Menthol Crystals
These are a game-changer when it comes to muscle pain and soreness, and because their properties are so concentrated, you don’t need much product to make a difference. Here is a simple recipe to make an all-natural muscle salve that you can rub into any sore muscle for pain relief:

2T coconut oil
2T shea butter
2T beeswax
4T almond oil
1t menthol crystals
30 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil


  1. Measure out the coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax and melt them on low heat.
  2. Remove from heat, and stir in the menthol crystals until they’re dissolved. Be sure to keep your face away from the mixture so you don’t irritate your eyes or nose.
  3. Once the crystals are dissolved, mix in the almond oil, followed by the essential oils.
  4. Pour the mixture into a container that has a tight lid, but allow the mixture to cool before putting the lid on.
  5. Store in your refrigerator to maintain texture and shelf life.

Lavender Oil
Lavender is known and loved for its calming and relaxing properties and it can do the same for your muscles as it does your mind. One effective way of using lavender specifically for sore muscles is to add the essential oil to a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and use it as a massage oil. Working the oil deep into your muscles allows those effects to really get where it’s most needed.

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint contains menthol, which brings a much-needed cooling effect when you’re sore. It’s also anti-inflammatory. If you have access to a steam room, bring our Mint-Infused Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist along with you to get both the benefits of Peppermint and the steam room (read this blog post to read more about the benefits of steam rooms). Simply spritz a few sprays of the ShowerMist away from your face and breathe in and feel the benefits.

What are some natural ways that you deal with muscle pain?
Please share below in the comments!

Top Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Top Benefits of Peppermint Oil

When you think of essential oils, chances are that Peppermint will be one of the first that comes to your mind. It’s definitely one of the most popular oils out there – and for good reason. Peppermint has numerous health benefits, and as an added bonus, it smells great too!

If you’re looking for natural remedies to common ailments, Peppermint may be able to solve some of your problems. Here are a few of our favorite benefits from this amazing oil:

Increase Energy
Instead of opening up an energy drink or pouring yourself another cup of coffee, try taking a few whiffs from a bottle of Peppermint oil. When that mid-day slump starts to hit, inhaling directly from the bottle or applying topically to your temples and the back of your neck have been proven to wake you up and improve concentration.

Promote Hair Growth
Maybe one of the lesser-known benefits of Peppermint oil is that it can naturally thicken and heal damaged hair by stimulating the scalp. All you need to do is add 2-3 drops to your shampoo and conditioner and then use as normal. Bonus point if you do this in the morning to give you that added energy boost we just talked about!

Reduce Nausea
There isn’t much worse than having to go about your regular day while feeling nauseous. Instead of being down for the count, inhaling Peppermint oil could be the solution. Inhale directly from the bottle, apply to your pressure points, or diffuse it to get this benefit.

Reduce Congestion
Peppermint is an expectorant, so it opens the airways, reduces congestion, and clears mucus. Because it is also antimicrobial and antiviral, Peppermint also helps to fight the infection that gave you the congestion in the first place. Win-win! Next time you have a cold, try making your own vapor rub by mixing Peppermint into coconut oil and rubbing it into your chest and feet.

Alleviate Headaches
Since Peppermint can relax tense muscles and help with blood circulation, it especially helps with tension headaches. When you feel a headache coming on, rub some Peppermint on your temples and behind your ears to help alleviate the pain.

Another of our favorite ways to get the benefits of Peppermint is with our Mint-Infused 100% Pure Eucalyptus ShowerMist. Simply run a hot shower and spritz a few sprays of the ShowerMist into the steam and away from your face. Relax and reap all the naturally healing benefits of Peppermint while you relax!

These are just some of the ways that Peppermint can be used in everyday situations to solve everyday problems. What is your favorite thing about Peppermint?

4 Awesome Essential Oils to Relieve Sinus Pressure

4 Awesome Essential Oils to Relieve Sinus Pressure

You’re busy and don’t have time to be shackled down by annoying sneezing, congestion, and headaches.  You also care about your health and don’t want to be constantly popping antihistamines all day. You need relief you can count on that supports total body wellness.

We want you to know that you can find relief and it’s surprisingly simple!

For starters, make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Dehydration causes the mucous in your body to become thicker, making it harder to drain. Also, avoid excess fruit as they are higher in natural pollen count. Lastly, make sure your home spaces are cleared of dust and dander as this will aggravate allergic responses.

Tip #1: Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is the superhero of essential oils.  When inhaled, it’s oil can open the respiratory system, reduce inflammation and allow for better breathing. It storms through your bronchial passages to clear the path for more air. Additionally, its anti-microbial properties will not only clear your airways but also cleanse away germs. Use the Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist in your morning/mid-day/evening shower routine, or in a sauna/steam room if you have access to one.

Tip #2: Lavender Oil

Lavender is a natural antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and very calming. It can help reduce irritation and relax your breathing.

Tip #3: Lemon

Lemon improves immunity, relieves respiratory issues, is antibacterial and relieves respiratory inflammation.

Tip #4: Peppermint Oil

This potent plant oil will open those clogged nasal passages and reduce headaches caused by sinus pressure. Here’s a special bonus tip: Mix with a little coconut oil and rub on the top of your forehead, at your temples, and behind your ears. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be alleviated.

Get the help you need fast!

All the above oils work great when inhaled in the heat of a shower, sauna, or steam room and will work miracles when rubbed onto the head, neck, and chest with a carrier oil. They will all penetrate your skin and airways to both cleanse them of pollen and give you the relief you desperately crave.

It’s time to take your power back and get relief fast. Now that you can finally get it naturally, you can rest and sit in peace knowing you’re going to feel better without any nasty side effects.

Which oil do you like best? Let us know in the comments, and share using buttons below!

3 Simple, Natural Tips for Menstrual Pain Relief

3 Simple, Natural Tips for Menstrual Pain Relief

No woman likes the monthly cramps their sentenced to. They come at the worst time and have a way of slowing your day and keeping you parked on the couch. All you want is relief and to get back to your life. But you have the right to find relief faster and without the extra drugs. Not all women are aware of how much power they have over their body’s health and wellness. We’re here to help you because you deserve it.

3 Tips for Reducing Your Menstrual Pain:

  1. Reduce Your Caffeine: Everybody is different, and sometimes a warm cup of coffee does just the trick. But too much caffeine is dehydrating to your body, causing circulation to slow and pain to persist. Caffeine constricts your blood levels and raises tension: so when you’re suffering from cramps, it’s important to stay hydrated. Drinking water and herbal tea instead will not only keep your flow hydrated but will also help relieve any bloating that may occur.
  2. Use Heat. Run a hot shower. Let the steam add up. And spray some of our Lavender-Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist into the steam.  The cleansing effects of the oil will be heightened in the stream and permeate your bronchial passages, resulting in relaxation and a further detoxified system. The lavender acts as an anti-depressant and will release the stress you’ve built up. If you don’t have the time or energy for the hot shower, grab a hot water bottle or heating pad. They may seem old-fashioned, but they will help warm and relax the muscles in your lower abdomen. The heat relaxes the tension around your pain and helps the flow move more fluidly. If heat overwhelms you, use the oil combination mentioned below.
  3. Massage. Once the area has been warmed, take some time for a gentle massage. Use cooling massage oil, if you can. You can make your own with a blend of peppermint, ginger, lavender and fractionated coconut oil. Lavender will relax and calm you, cinnamon aids in circulation (bringing comfort), and peppermint with ginger are an excellent topical anti-inflammatory.

You may not find your menstrual pain disappearing altogether, but you will be able to function more comfortably and happily, without taking any drugs.

Did you find these tips successful in relieving your pain? If so, let us know in the comments, and help other women experience relief by sharing!